Join Intel® oneAPI Workshop to learn Advanced SYCL Concepts for Heterogeneous Computing*

At the end of this session, you will be able to write SYCL code for heterogeneous computing efficiently.
Join Intel® oneAPI Workshop to learn Advanced SYCL Concepts for Heterogeneous Computing*
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Intel®, in partnership with Analytics India Magazine, announced the launch of a masterclass on “Advanced SYCL Concepts for Heterogeneous Computing*” on June 24, 2022, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

In this workshop, you will learn and practice the advanced concepts and features of data-parallel C++ (DPC++) with live sample code on Intel® DevCloud. At the end of this session, you will be able to write SYCL code for heterogeneous computing efficiently. 


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If you are a C++ & GPU programmer this workshop is for you!

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Here’s a detailed outline of the topics that will be covered in the workshop: 

  • Learn pointer-based memory management for heterogeneous computing using unified shared memory. 
  • Understand the implicit and explicit ways of moving memory using unified shared memory and handling data dependency between kernel executions. 
  • Understand the advantages of using Subgroups in SYCL programming 
  • Take advantage of Subgroup group algorithms and understand how Subgroup Shuffle operations can avoid explicit memory operations.
  • Use SYL reduction to simplify reduction with parallel kernels. 
  • Take advantages, reduce function to reduce sub_group and work-group level. 

Please create an Intel® DevCloud Account here.


  • Language simplification
  • Overview of memory models involving buffers/accessors
  • Unified shared memory (USM)
  • Simplified reduction

Who should attend

  • Software Developers (C++) 
  • GPU programmers 
  • IT managers 
  • IT, technology, and software architects 
  • Senior managers of technology/engineering/software

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Prerequisites of the workshop: 

  • Please sign up for an Intel® DevCloud account, a free development sandbox with access to the latest Intel® hardware and oneAPI software. 
  • Please save the email you would have received from Intel® DevCloud with the username, node name and the URL embedded in the email, and bring it to the workshop. (Check your spam folder if this email does not hit your inbox) 
  • For Live Q&A during the workshop, please join us on the Discord channel

Register here for the workshop 

Speaker details 

Subarnarekha Ghosal, a Software Technology Consulting Engineer who is responsible for helping internal and external customers succeed on Intel platforms through the use of Intel software development tools specifically for Intel compilers. She uses code modernization techniques for optimal code performance on the Intel Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Intel Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Subarna has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Vellore Institute of Technology. 

Travelling, photography, painting and interacting with people are a few of the things she loves doing during her leisure time.


Exclusive Contests — Participate & Win!

Lucky Draw Contest

  • Analytics India Magazine is running a Lucky Draw wherein at the end of the workshop 10 lucky participants will get a chance to WIN Amazon Vouchers worth INR 2000/- each. 

** Note: The winners will be selected based on their engagement on Discord throughout the workshop.


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