Join This Full-Day Workshop On Natural Language Processing From Scratch

The Association of Data Scientists, the premier global professional body of data science & machine learning professionals, has announced a full-day workshop on Natural Language Processing (NLP) on the 26th of September, Saturday. 

Over the last few years, the applications around NLP have increased tremendously, with use cases ranging from review analysis to intelligent chatbots in various industries. The workshop by AdaSci aims to take the participants on a learning ride with hands-on exposure to implementing NLP techniques in Python from scratch. 

The full-day workshop will cover topics such as the overview of NLP including syntax, semantics, tokenization; text analysis including topics such as stemming, feature extraction, Named Entity Recognition, sentiment analysis and more; machine learning algorithm for text classification; sequence modelling; overview of transformer, implementation of BERT, and more.


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With an increase in the interesting applications of NLP across the industries, there has been an increasing demand amid professionals to understand the technology, its working and developing interesting applications based on it. To facilitate the same, this workshop comes up with a learning dose where the participants will get hands-on exposure to implementing NLP techniques in Python from scratch. 

The detailed workshop will require candidates to have a knowledge of Python programming language, basic knowledge of linear algebra such as vectors, matrices and tensors, familiarity with Google Colab and GPU environment. To further make the experience seamless, attendees must install TensorFlow, Keras, TextBlob, and more. 

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By the end of the workshop, candidates will be able to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of NLP techniques, understand textual data representation, implement NLP techniques in different use cases, practical knowledge of advanced concepts such as transformers. 

Details of the workshop:

Date: 26th September

Timings (Full day): 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (IST)

Mode: Online 

Pricing: $12.99 (workshop is free for ADaSci members)

Register here

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