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Join This Full-Day Workshop On Privacy & Fairness In AI

Join This Full-Day Workshop On Privacy & Fairness In AI

Join This Full-Day Workshop On Privacy & Fairness In AI

The Association of Data Scientists, the premier global professional body of data science and ML practitioners, has come up with a full-day workshop on privacy and fairness in AI — ‘From Privacy to Fairness in AI.’ Scheduled on the 09th of January, 2021, Saturday, this workshop aims at empowering ML/AI researchers and industry leaders in understanding and mitigating the risks of AI.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions are deeply impacting our day to day life. However, currently, AI is empowering our convenience at the cost of our privacy. As a matter of fact, over the years, we have encountered several news stories about big techs and startups facing lawsuits because of not complying with new data governance laws. AI implementation in businesses has also been facing several issues and challenges to solve them. Thus, understanding the practical, ethical and legal ramifications of deploying AI-powered solutions is critical.

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Even, according to the recent Gartner 2020 hype cycle, responsible AI and AI governance have become a priority for developing fair AI on an industrial scale. 

With the increasing demand for privacy and fairness in AI, the Association of Data Scientists is bringing an extensive full-day workshop, which will provide a platform to exchange ideas and discuss some of the open problems in privacy, ethics and fairness surrounding AI.

With an aim to empower ML/AI researchers and industry leaders in understanding and mitigating the risk of AI, this workshop will cover topics like current challenges in businesses for AI and ML; introduction to privacy-preserving of AI and ML; understanding the ethics of AI; creating fairness in AI, among others. Along with these, the attendees will also be able to get a comprehensive understanding of the bias problem, data security and privacy, theory and applications of Homomorphic encryption, fairness in NLP and computer vision etc.

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The detailed workshop will provide in-depth knowledge on the list of initiatives around the world, as well as major open-source activities. 

The workshop also comes with a prerequisite of basic to a moderate level understanding of Python, a basic understanding of AI and ML, familiarity of encryption and decryption in software engineering as well fundamental knowledge of Google Colab and GPU environment. To further make the experience seamless, the participants must instal Google Colab Notebooks to run their Python programmes, along with TensorFlow, Pytorch and Keras. The candidates are also expected to have a high-speed internet connection during this workshop to avoid any sort of lag.

By the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to have a thorough understanding of data security and privacy, along with the bias problem in artificial intelligence and ways to solve it. With this workshop, the attendees will also get a hand-on understanding of differential privacy and homomorphic encryption.

Details Of The Workshop:

Date: 09th of January 2021

Timings (Full day): 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (IST)

Mode: Online 

Pricing: $12.99 (workshop is free for ADaSci members)

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