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Join this masterclass on ‘Speed up deep learning inference with Intel® Neural Compressor’

The workshop will introduce Intel® Optimisation for Tensorflow to help Tensorflow users get better performance on Intel platforms.
Join this masterclass on ‘Speed up deep learning inference with Intel® Neural Compressor’

Intel®, in collaboration with Analytics India Magazine, is organising an oneAPI workshop on Intel® Neural Compressor on May 13th from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Quantization is an important acceleration method, and to support it in hardware, Intel developed Intel® Deep Learning Boost. Additionally, to help developers quantize AI models easily and quickly, Intel has developed a tool called Intel® Neural Compressor.


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The workshop will introduce Intel® Optimisation for Tensorflow to help Tensorflow users get better performance on Intel platforms. Intel® Optimisation for TensorFlow is the binary distribution of TensorFlow with Intel® oneAPI deep neural network (oneDNN) library primitives. 

oneDNN is an open-source, cross-platform performance library for deep learning applications. The optimisations are directly upstreamed and made available in the official TensorFlow release via a simple flag update, enabling developers to benefit from the Intel® optimisations seamlessly. 

Intel® has already released Intel® Optimization for Tensorflow. 

Click here to view the installation guide. 

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The workshop will cover 

  • oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit overview
  • Introduction to Intel® Optimization for Tensorflow
  • Intel optimisations for Tensorflow 
  • Intel Neural Compressor
  • Hands-on demo to showcase usage and performance boost on DevCloud

Please create an Intel® DevCloud Account here.

The workshop will also offer a demo on how to speed up the AI model by quantization using Intel®’s Neural Compressor, alongside comparing the performance increase online with Intel® Deep Learning Boost.

The demo will walk you through an end-to-end pipeline to train a Tensorflow model with a small customer dataset and speed up the model based on quantization by Intel® Neural Compressor, including:

  • Train a model by Keras and Intel Optimization for Tensorflow.
  • Get an INT8 model by Intel® Neural Compressor.
  • Compare the performance of the FP32 and INT8 models by the same script.

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IntroductionDeveloper Ecosystem Program3:00 – 3:10 PMKavita Aroor
OverviewoneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit Overview, DevCloud Setup 3:10 – 3:25 PMAditya
Intel® Extension for TensorFlowIntroduction of Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow + Intel® Extension for TensorFlow hands-on 3:30 –  4:10 PMAditya
Intel Neural Compressor Hands-on +QAIntroduction of Intel Neural CompressorHands-on with quantization workload  4:10 – 5:00 PM Jianyu Zhang

Who should attend 

  • Software Developers
  • IT managers 
  • ML developers 
  • AI engineers 
  • Data science professionals 
  • IT, technology, and software architects 
  • Senior managers of technology/engineering/software

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Exclusive Contests — Participate & Win!

Lucky Draw Contest

  • Analytics India Magazine is running a Lucky Draw wherein at the end of the workshop 10 lucky participants will get a chance to WIN Amazon Vouchers worth INR 2000/- each. 

Note: The winners will be selected based on their engagement on Discord throughout the workshop.


Speaker details 

Zhang Jianyu 

Zhang Jianyu (Neo) is a senior AI software solution engineer (SSE) of SATG AIA in the PRC. Focus on optimising, consulting and supporting the AI frameworks on the Intel® Platform. Jianyu graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University (China) with a master’s in Pattern Recognition and Intelligence System. Senior software engineer with rich experience in AI, virtualisation, high concurrency communication and embedded systems.

Kavita Aroor

Kavita Aroor is a developer marketing lead – Asia Pacific & Japan at Intel. She has over 16+ years of experience in marketing. 

Aditya Sirvaiya 

Aditya Sirvaiya is an AI Software Solutions Engineer at Intel. He specialises in Intel Optimized AI frameworks and OpenVINO Toolkit.

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