Promoting Data Science: Key Takeaways From AIM Student Community’s Latest ML Workshop

With a mission to bolster artificial intelligence and data science ecosystem, Analytics India Magazine has been working closely with campuses, institutes and universities in India with AIM Student Ambassador programme.

Recently, our Student Ambassador at School Of Engineering Sciences And Technology Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, concluded a workshop in Applied Machine Learning. It was attended by nearly a hundred including students and faculty members. The lecture was given by SEST students Ali Akbar who is also the AIM student Ambassador, and Abdul Wasay Siddiqui. The lecture was followed by a doubt clearing session conducted by professors Harleen Kaur and Vineeta Kumari.


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The workshop commenced with the introduction of Machine Learning from the intuition of basic concepts of statistics such as Ordinary Least squares and descriptive statistics. 

Key Takeaways

The Workshop focused on the following aspects of the domain:

  • How Machine Learning can be leveraged in different fields such as Medicine and Management.
  • Huge demand for ML and Big-data practitioners in the market and how one can develop the requisite skill level to be able to tap into the professional world.
  • Programming skills required for Data Science. Introduction to Python and R programming,  focus on Data Science related libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn and Matplotlib. 
  • A brief overview of Deep Learning about what Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing are and how to make great projects based on them. 
  • How Pytorch can be used for computations in Deep Learning. Using GPUs for faster processing.
  • Statistics and Maths knowledge required to fully understand the concepts behind important algorithms.
  • Cloud Computing platforms like AWS and GCP and how they can be used to train models which require a lot of computation power and memory and can not be trained on ordinary machines.
  • Linear Regression, Random Forest and Gradient Boosting Trees implementation and how these algorithms can be used for prediction. Pros and Cons of each of these and deciding which algorithm would give the best results and accuracies.
  • As new-age technologies are bringing a change in the current landscape of work, why it is important for an undergraduate student to be skilled in them and be able to inculcate them in their own domain. 
  • Using platforms like MachineHack for practice and competing with experienced Data Scientists.

The workshop was aimed at making the power of coding accessible to all by eradicating any aversion towards coding, making students across various domains incline towards programming languages, making them understand the benefits and introducing them to easily understandable programming languages such as R.

 “Our main goal through this workshop was to spread awareness and ultimately form a society or group where data science evangelists can assemble and share their knowledge and projects which they are working on using the concepts of Machine Learning and Deep Learning,” said Akbar, who was ecstatic after the response to the meetup.

“As I had just started foraying into the world of prediction and forecasting and did not have much practical knowledge as I read Trevor Hastie’s book on statistical learning up until now, it was a great stepping stone into Python and R. Got a few references from there which I would percolate into to further enhance my knowledge,” said Ahmad Saba who was one of the attendees.

Akbar, who is a patron of emerging tech like machine learning, said that he has been wanting to organise a machine learning and data science workshop in his college in compliance with the proliferation in demand of skilled workforce for these technologies. “An upcoming engineer must have knowledge of these nascent technologies and must be adroit in the tools and techniques used in the production and deployment of such amazing and exciting technologies. AIM provided much-needed help to set me up for the workshop and use the MachineHack platform for giving hands-on material practice to the attendees,” he said, concluding.

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