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Landed A Job In Data Science? Follow These 5 Steps To Onboard Yourself Successfully

Landed A Job In Data Science? Follow These 5 Steps To Onboard Yourself Successfully

Successful onboarding helps a new employee to become a productive resource in an organisation within a short span of time. Known as organisational socialisation, onboarding is a way of perceiving the necessary skills in order to become fruitful in a new setup. 

When a new employee is hired in an organisation, it takes a month or more to understand the culture as well as the workflow of the organisation smoothly. We all have gone through this phase once in our life and organisations regardless of their sizes are adopting the culture of evolving technologies such as data science, machine learning.  

In this article, we jot down five important points for a data scientist to keep in mind for successful onboarding in an organisation.   

1| Understanding the Vision and Choosing The Correct Role

Before joining a company, it is very important to understand what role you are going to apply and if it suits you or not. Understanding the vision and mission of an organisation will help you create a picture of the goals and other important points that you need in order to join the company.  

2| Clear Understanding Of Job Role 

In a data science team, there are various job roles like data engineers, data science developers, data analysts, big data analysts, and data scientists. One must be clear with the concept as to what the requirements are for each of the profiles and which suits you the best. Also, you are going to be hired for a reason and for that you must attain a clear concept on important concepts and tools of data science such as statistics, Structured Query Language (SQL), Python, R, machine learning algorithms, linear algebra, probabilities, and other such. 

3| Understanding the Business Model and Culture

Besides having a different business model, every organisation has different work cultures. In order to blend in the right way, one must understand the working culture. Abiding by the working culture is often construed as part of a job role. Discovering the day-to-day functioning can help one fit in the organisation and understand the company’s philosophy. 

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4| Fulfilling the Expectations

Let’s assume you are being hired on two conditions such as replacing an existing employee or they need someone for a particular role. In both the roles, two things are common, one is the company is investing for the role and the other id they need more improvement than the existing work.  

5| Adapting To the New Workplace

Adapting to a new environment can be a challenging task. There will be ups and downs at the initial months but a little patience will surely help you a long way into the organisation. One must utilise this crucial time to learn the important criteria which will help you further your career goals. 


The most important thing one must know is that you have the ability to bring so much to the table. Data Science is currently at an infancy stage and organisations are broadly recruiting for this profile in order to leverage data and build efficient business models to stay competitive. Landing a job in an organisation is only half the battle won, to sustain and prove yourself, one must adapt to the work culture and hit the ground running. These five tips can help one during their onboarding process, build a healthy working relationship with peers and build a collaborative work environment.  

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