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Lantronix calls for double celebration | Launches new subsidiary & IoT software lab in Hyderabad

Lantronix calls for double celebration | Launches new subsidiary & IoT software lab in Hyderabad

Lantronix, a specialised networking company providing ‘Machine to Machine’ and ‘Internet of Things solutions’, recently announced the launch of a new Lantronix subsidiary and an IoT software lab in Hyderabad, India. This step is aimed towards strengthening IoT domain of the company.

Founded in the year 1989, Lantronix has been providing robust, intelligent and easy to deploy solutions across industries such as data centre, security, medical, transportation, retail, financial and government. It believes in delivering secure connectivity, device management and mobility for today’s increasingly connected world. Headquartered in Irvine, California, it has offices in Europe and Asia.

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Commenting on this launch, Jeff Benck, president and CEO of Lantronix said “the opening of our software lab in Hyderabad, India, represents a significant step forward in the execution of our IoT growth strategy.” He further added “our executive team has been maniacally focused on securing the right incremental resources to execute our strategic product development plan, and the launch of this new facility in India is the direct result of these efforts.”

Hyderabad serves as one of the most sought after global centre for information technology in the southern India. Ranked as one of the top cities in India to do business, the company is looking forward to the opening of its fully functional IoT software development lab in the city.

“We believe Hyderabad is the perfect place to expand our engineering efforts in Asia, providing excellent access to a trained technical workforce, close proximity to over 200 engineering colleges, and a government organization that is actively engaged in creating a business-friendly environment for growth minded technology companies,” Benck said.

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The step definitely calls for a double celebration as this software lab would benefit both the IoT business in India and Lantronix alike.

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