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This Latest Hackathon Aims to Identify Solutions To Track Sleep Breathing Health

This Latest Hackathon Aims to Identify Solutions To Track Sleep Breathing Health

Bhasker Gupta

Individuals are unaware of the importance of sleep breathing, that it can be tracked, and that it can be treated to improve health.

Difficulties in conveying breathing health data contribute to the resistance encountered by individuals in being screened/diagnosed/treated for sleep apnea.

Problem Statements

Problem1. Develop a package/app that Identifies Sound Signatures of a Breath from Sound Signatures of Natural Language.

  • Background: Breathing can be considered a form of non-voiced speech. However it is not clear if breaths (signal) can be isolated from voiced speech (noise) in an audio file.
  • Materials: Anonymized sound files of peoples’ breathing in sleep encoding breaths, speech and other noise.
  • Deliverable: Solution document and Code file

Problem2. Develop an Engaging Interface for laypeople to Track Sleep Breathing Health

  • Background: Sleep breathing health is a new concept to many people, and it is important to clearly communicate their breathing patterns, sleep patterns and periods of normal and abnormal breathing.
  • Materials: Summary data of breathing sounds during sleep, that summarize periods of normal breathing, disturbed breathing and sleep quality.
  • Deliverable: Solution document and Code file

It is possible to combine problems 1 and 2, i.e. to analyze breathing sounds and then develop new informatics approaches to link data or display results.


Hackers can consider these ideas, but are not limited to these:

See Also

  • Develop a gaming approach to motivate an individual to track their sleep
  • Design 3D interactive graphs or movies to communicate to a lay person their sleep health, general health, movement, sleep awakenings and duration of sleep
  • Design a multimodal visual/audio/haptic interface
  • Use a crowdsourcing approach to assess health metrics against others

Evaluation Criteria

 Our purpose is to select not only a project, but also a promising team:

  • Alignment with Thalesat’s mission
  • Potential Impact of solution on Thalesat’s operational goals
  • Maturity of project
  • Clarity of documentation
  • Potential of the submitting team
  • Presentation grade (perhaps least important, if project is good)

 Selecting Winner

  • One winner for each category
  • Select based on
    •  Highest grade, if clear winner.
    • For tied/closest top grades, select the team/project whose most important categories (e.g. aligned to Thalesat mission) are superior.

For further details about the company and hackathon goto:

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