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Learn The ABCD of AI With Oxford And Google Internet

Learn The ABCD of AI With Oxford And Google Internet


With AI being used in every domain to complete several different tasks such as handling fraud and surveillance to help countries with the battle against COVID-19, everyone needs to have a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and the different ways in which it is being implemented. Indeed the subject is a tough one to understand due to the presence of complicated terminology and contradictory information due to which, people often do not get the fundamentals right. 

To help amateurs understand what AI is in its truest form, Oxford Internet Institute (OII), the social and computer science department of the U.K.’s University of Oxford, has partnered with Google to launch a portal that explains the how AI is created, its fundamentals and ethics, and how it is created. 

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The  “A-Z of AI” covers as many as 26 topics which consist of how AI is used in climate science, ethics, machine learning, human-in-the-loop, Generative adversarial networks (GANs) and AI bias. The subjects have been carefully selected after the Google’s People and AI Research team (PAIR) worked with Gina Neff, a senior research fellow and associate professor at OII to zero-in on subjects that are crucial to understand the gist of AI. 

A learner can filter the content by one of the four categories such as AI fundamentals, Making AI, Society and AI, and Using AI. The guide has been designed for those who are looking forward to beginning their reading session about AI. On the other hand, individuals with background knowledge about AI are likely to find it simplistic. 

As new advancements in AI will emerge, Oxford will update the portal to ensure the readers are on track. The guide’s FAQ section explains. “The team carefully balanced their selections across a spectrum of technical understanding, production techniques, use cases, societal implications, and ethical considerations. The A-Z portal will be refreshed periodically as new technologies come into play, and existing technologies evolve.”

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