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Learn These Top 6 AWS Skills To Get A Job In 2020

Learn These Top 6 AWS Skills To Get A Job In 2020

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Cloud is a fulcrum for organisations to innovate and get ahead of the pack in the ever-evolving technology landscape. Consequently, companies are seeking professionals who obtain various cloud skills and can assist them in achieving their business objectives. However, there are a plethora of services that cloud providers offer — and that’s why determining the best skills to learn can be a daunting task. 

To address this pressing issue, Analytics India Magazine brings to you the most in-demand services in the cloud. And since AWS is the learning cloud service provider, we have focused on its services to assist you in getting a job in 2020.

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AWS SageMaker is a one-stop-shop for data scientists and AI initiatives by organisations to train, evaluate, and deploy machine learning models. SageMaker works in tandem with EC2, S3 and others. 

Using SageMaker, firms are able to quickly go from conceptualisation to production with their machine learning models. Therefore, one must master this AWS skill to have an edge against competitors for getting a job.


Kinesis enables firms to deploy data streaming practices to help them leverage data beyond batch processing. Besides, it allows them to monitor and get insights into data from IoT devices. Today, firms are highly focused on real-time analytics, and IoT devices, thus it makes a must-have skill for any professional to demonstrate their proficiency. 

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Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

The service empowers you to create virtual computing environments in the cloud for building scalable and enterprise-class applications. Such bespoke compute capacity in the cloud allows developers to effortlessly build applications. The service has various features such as bare metal instances, GPU compute instances, high I/O instances, and more.

Being an expert in managing EC2 will be a huge advantage while showcasing your skills in cloud computing.

Simple Storage Service (S3)

S3 is an object storage service to protect data for a wide range of use case. The scalable storage service is used with almost every service to full-fill the requirements of information in several instances. It also offers data control, supports different cloud storage services with just a few clicks.

Some of the use cases of this service are backup and restore, archive, data lakes and big data analytics, hybrid cloud, and cloud-native application data. Having command over this service will enable you to handle the complete data strategy in organisations.

Amazon’s Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Security is the most essential aspect in any organisations as any compromise in it can have a negative impact on the businesses. Therefore, firms expect professionals to be familiar with security features to manage user permissions for fortifying unauthorised access.

IAM provides fine-grained access control to AWS resources, multi-factor authentication, among others.

AWS Cloud9

Cloud9 is an integrated development environment that runs on the cloud. This eliminates the management required for handling version conflict for projects and allows sharing of project environment intuitively. Collaborating and making changes in one file drastically enhances the speed as more than one user can code to complete the projects.


Simply knowing the programming skills and domain-specific skills does not differentiate you from others. Consequently, you should go the extra mile and learn these skills to gain the attention of recruiters by exhibiting your dexterity in the cloud.

AWS offers numerous services that cater to the needs of organisations right from small to medium and large. Thus, based on the size the requirement of services varies but the aforementioned services are the basic requirements for streamlining the workflow in the cloud. While there are among the most widely used, you can focus on others depending upon the job you are applying for.

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