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Libelium Launches MySignals, a new IoT Platform to Develop eHealth and Medical Products

Libelium Launches MySignals, a new IoT Platform to Develop eHealth and Medical Products


Libelium recently released MySignals, the most complete eHealth development platform. The biometrical IoT platform allows developers to easily create new software eHealth applications and medical devices measuring 20 different body parameters. The platform includes CE, FCC and IC certifications.

For the first time ever, Libelium has released to the market an IoT solution ready for eHealth applications including a completely in-house design, from the hardware to the software for data visualization. The company faces up to a strategic shift offering solutions for the whole IoT value chain, from hardware devices to Cloud Storage and API’s for data visualization. “This is a strategic shift of the company approaching to the whole value chain of the IoT”, explains Alicia Asín, CEO, Libelium.

Libelium’s MySignals eHealth development platform comes with 15 different sensors that measure the most important body parameters (ECG, glucose, airflow, pulse, oxygen in blood, blood pressure…). All the biometric data is encrypted and sent to the Libelium Cloud in realtime to be visualized on the user’s private account.

MySignals includes the key parameters that are usually measured in a hospital monitoring room, fits in a small suitcase and costs one hundred times lower than an Emergency Observation Unit. Developers can prototype in a deep, affordable and easy way. “Half of the world’s population lives in rural areas with very limited access to hospitals; this platform could enhance the potential of new IoT eHealth and medical applications”, commented David Gascón, CTO, Libelium.

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Libelium offers two different API’s for developers to access the information. The Android / iOS API allows to get information directly from MySignals using Bluetooth. The API Cloud allows to access to the user’s private account and get the information previously stored to be visualized in a third party platform. “Until now, there was nothing in the market like MySignals, the perfect development tool for new medical devices and applications for quick prototyping and testing eHealth products“, explained David Gascón.

MySignals improves the future of health services to cover one of the main challenges of the century: enhancing the universal accessibility to a healthcare system for more than 2 billion people worldwide.

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