LinkedIn Introduces New AI Tools To Make Virtual Job Interviews Easy

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Due to the imposed lockdown in most of the countries, the hiring process, which requires job seekers and recruiters being in the same room, has become difficult. To address problems in the hiring process, the popular professional social networking/career development platform, LinkedIn, leveraged AI and introduced two new tools in their arsenal. The solutions will simplify the process of hiring for companies as well as help candidates improve their interview skills.

Video Intro – For Creating A Better First Impression

The first tool, LinkedIn introduced, is focused towards easing your virtual job interview. LinkedIn’s own survey tells that 65% of people believe that the impression one makes online is as important as they make in person. But showcasing soft skills online is a challenging task, and it is best shown when one is in the same room with recruiters.

LinkedIn is fast-tracking a solution to this problem with the launch of its new video introduction tool. This tool enables recruiters to ask candidates to send a video response to questions, which will help them to assess their soft skills like communication, presentation, and more.

Via LinkedIn

The video intro app, from the recruiters’ side, works like this: Once applications are received for a job posting, the recruiters can choose the most qualified candidates to answer up to two questions from a list of option LinkedIn provides. This list consists of questions: What is your greatest strength? Tell me about a time you showed leadership? What would your co-workers say about you? Candidates are required to answer these questions via video recording or a written response. The option of submitting a written reply is more important here as some people feel uncomfortable with recording a video response. But, recording a video will let the interviewer know you better and help the candidate stand out from the crowd.

One should keep in mind that this tool helps you create a better first impression on recruiters. This is for introductory purpose, and the actual interview comes afterwards.

We have accelerated the launch of two new features to help you put your best foot forward. We are testing a new video introduction feature and adding an AI-powered instant feedback tool that analyses speech content and patterns to help you test and refine your interview skills.

Blake Barnes, LinkedIn blog post.

The Feedback Tool

The second tool LinkedIn introduced is an AI-powered feedback tool for people who want to practice answering questions that asked in job interviews. A statistics, LinkedIn pointed out, was that more than 50% of people say that they lack confidence and according to a report, 33% of interviewers say that they know whether they are going to hire a candidate within the first 90 seconds of the interview. That’s way less than two minutes, stats like these can make any candidate nervous about their chances. LinkedIn has rolled out its AI-powered instant feedback to help candidates be more prepared while facing a virtual or in-person interview.

Via LinkedIn

Here’s how it works: once LinkedIn members record and upload their answers, they get a detailed assessment of those answers within seconds. This assessment includes metrics like filler words used, frequency of those words, words per minute, and speed over time. One also gets feedback on profanity, rhythm and tempo, phrases that might be considered inappropriate in an interview.

For a better understanding, this feedback tools detect the pace of speech and recommends changes that might help candidates better understand facts and figures. It also recommends alternatives to disfluencies like ‘um’, ‘like’, ‘actually’, ‘basically’ or references like ‘guys’ or even ‘the best man for the job’.

This tool can be accessed right after one has applied for jobs on LinkedIn. It provides an interactive way to practice answering to the most commonly asked interview questions in private, and it gives one a chance to improve their interview skills without external help. If you have a premium account, LinkedIn offers sample answers to the commonly asked interview questions by hiring experts.

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