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Guide to Lionbridge AI – The All-in-One Media Annotator (Image, Video, Audio, Text, Geospatial)

Guide to Lionbridge AI – The All-in-One Media Annotator (Image, Video, Audio, Text, Geospatial)

With over 20 years of experience (since 1996) as a trusted training data source, Lionbridge launched Lionbridge AI (founder Rory Cowan and CEO John Fennelly) in May 2019 that provides enterprise solutions by helping businesses grow in building, testing and improving, and delivering ML assisted products to global customers in 350+ languages with quality assurance. The community is cross-platform allowing qualified contributors( more than 1M) with 5000+ experts located across the globe and available 24/7, providing access to a huge volume of data across all languages and file types. Lionbridge tries to fill in the gap between machine interaction and humans. Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, US, Lionbridge maintains solution centres over 26 countries. In 2015 Forbes named Lionbridge under the category of America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies for their efficient work in financial reporting. 

Lionbridge specializes in providing multilingual training data services for building faster machine learning models in over 300+ native languages which generally other crowdsourcing companies don’t support. The fully-automated platform offers seamless project and crowd management to provide cost-effective pricing and entire workflow management for on-time delivery. Customized services with API integration and AI consulting. Lionbridge operates under 4 pillars – Data Collection, Data Annotation, Data Validation and Linguistics for all kinds of data – image, audio, video, and text. Lionbridge gives access to 300+ open datasets for training machine learning models organized by industry and use case.

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Image and Video Annotation

Image data annotation services provided 2D bounding boxes, 3D bounding boxes or cuboids, Image Classification / Image Categorization, Landmark Annotation, Pixel-precise / Pixel-wise Segmentation, Polygons, Semantic Segmentation. Various use cases falling under this category are AR/VR, Drones and aerial imagery, Autonomous Vehicles, Car infotainment, Face Recognition, Medical Imagery, Video Data analysis, Social Media, Robotics, Analytics and visualization.

OCR, Image Transcription, Handwritten Data collection

Product Categorization

Text Annotation

Lionbridge has worked over two decades on NLP and has solved various use cases involving –  Proof Reading Tools(Grammar and Spelling), Chatbot training, Text Summarization, Linguistic Annotation(Parts of speech tagging, phonetic annotation, semantic annotation, keyphrase tagging, discourse annotation), Lexicon Development(ontology creation), Linguistic Rule Development, Machine translation Quality Assurance, Indent Variation, Content Moderation, machine translation, Search and Ad Evaluation. 

Sentiment Analysis

Entity Extraction and Entity Linking

Audio Annotation

Lionbridge, audio data outsourcing, enables machine learning teams to quickly create model-ready audio datasets across 300+ languages and dialects covering a wide range of use cases such as Audio classification, Audio Transcription, Automatic Speech Recognition, Voice assistants, Text-to-Speech, pronunciation dictionary creation, Sales Call Analysis.

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This section provides services in improving the accuracy of maps and navigation by process of verifying or enhancing location information. This is possible by using supervised machine learning along with active learning; the raw location data is transformed into structured data for input. Services and use cases under this can solve Point of interest tagging, address verification, car and pedestrian routing, and geo search relevance. 


Automotive, Ecommerce & Retail, Financial Services, Government & Security, Medical, Technology.

Partnered Companies

Traveloka, Merantix, Basis Technology, NTT, Expedia, [email protected], CrowdWorks, Facebook, Ralph Lauren, Apple, HP, Dell, Merck, Microsoft, Philips, Nikon, Audi, CISCO, Lenovo, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, RollsRoyce, gsk, Siemens, BMW, Credit Suisse, Dell, Nike, Zaizen, Line, eBay, Singapore Airlines, Colgate Palmolive, JPMorgan Chase & Co, CocaCola, General Motors.

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