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Infographic: History Of YouTube As It Turns 15

Infographic: History Of YouTube As It Turns 15

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular Internet-based services, providing millions of hours of entertaining and informative content. However, this Google-owned property was not always the behemoth it is today. In fact, it started fairly small.

The site’s domain was bought on 14 February 2005, with yesterday marking the 15th anniversary of the video sharing platform. Post this, the platform has continued to grow among its supporters and competitors and even saw a high-profile acquisition by Google in 2007.


In this article, we have chronicled the rise of YouTube over the last decade and a half, coupled with the significant events that have taken place over its lifetime. This is presented in an infographic form to better understand the meteoric growth of the world’s favourite video-sharing platform.

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