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L&T & Intel Develop AI-Based Smart Parking Solution

L&T & Intel Develop AI-Based Smart Parking Solution

  • The AI-based solution aims to redefine smart parking experiences

Engineering services company L&T Technology Services Limited has collaborated with Intel Corporation to develop an AI-based outdoor smart parking solution. 

L&T Technology’s smart parking solution uses OpenVINO Toolkit to run AI interfacing models on Intel Xeon scalable processors and Intel Movidius VPUs. The AI-based solution aims to redefine smart parking experiences in public areas, airports, stadiums, shopping malls, and office campuses worldwide. 

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Amit Chadham, CEO and Managing Director of L&T Technology Services said in an official statement, “Using technologies from a global technology leader like Intel, we look forward to further opportunities to introduce disruptive innovations for the larger benefit of humankind.”

How does it work? 

The L&T Smart Parking Solution has four core components: an Operator Portal to host user information, a mobile application for the end-user, a digital signage module to ensure secure access, and a digital camera. All of these components are connected by the AWS cloud platform. 

Smart Parking systems rely on Image Processing and AI with three major use cases, namely: 

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  • Automated License Plate Recognition 
  • Real-time parking occupancy and availability
  • Forecasts on parking occupancy rate 

L&T Smart Parking Solution covers thousands of parking spots without requiring any sensor. It allows users to reserve parking spots through real-time parking occupancy and availability. Additionally, it provides insights for operators through AI-enabled surveillance and augmented video analytics. 

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Additionally, L&T Technology Services smart campus framework i-BEMS helps redefine the future of work by enabling continuous and interconnected intelligent systems based on digital technologies, including Internet of Things, ML and Predictive Asset Management. 

Why Intel? 

The L&T Smart Parking Solution is designed for a more advanced and cloud-enabled world. The OpenVINO toolkit used by L&T Technology helps to quickly develop applications and solutions for the emulation of human vision, automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, and recommendation systems. The artificial neural networks used include Convolution Neural Networks (CNNs), recurrent and attention-based networks. 

Jonathan Wood, Senior Director of Next Generation and Standards at Intel Corporation said, “This latest edge AI-based parking innovation is a natural extension of LTTS’s product portfolio leveraging Intel Technologies. Their use of Intel solutions, in the area of smart venues and buildings, further serves as a commitment to consistently introduce disruptive technologies to help Enterprises realise efficiencies from digital transformation.” 

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