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L&T Tech Services Joins Hands With BDB BizViz To Strengthen Its Data-Driven Solutions

L&T Tech Services Joins Hands With BDB BizViz To Strengthen Its Data-Driven Solutions

Big Data BizViz (BDB), the noted analytics and business intelligence platform provider, today announced a multi-faceted partnership with L&T Technology Services to enable the next generation of data-driven engineering solutions. LTTS’ extensive engineering expertise and intensive domain knowledge, combined with BDB’s proficiency in AI-based end-to-end analytics will help customers across many industry verticals solve problems across engineering and business.

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With this association, LTTS intends to integrate BDB platform into their AI-based solutions to provide enterprises with seamless analytics in a manner that is simple, affordable, scalable and sustainable — especially leveraging the on-premise deployment and edge analytics capabilities of the BDB Platform.

“As companies across the globe are attempting to put together digital roadmaps, formulating a bespoke digital strategy is just as important as implementing and deploying the digitally enabled products and processes. This is where LTTS’ Digital Engineering CoE with specialised groups on digital advisory, smart manufacturing and smart products and solutions will prove to be our customers’ greatest asset, as we will utilise BDB’s competencies in end-to-end AI and analytics to provide a competitive advantage, radically improving both processes and products for our customers, said Ashish Khushu, CTO at L&T Technology Services.

“Through this alliance, LTTS will deliver custom-made solutions to joint customers whereby the industry-leading suite of engineering platforms and solutions from LTTS will now provide an unprecedented level of AI-maturity to enable smarter buildings, smarter factories, smarter products, and of course, smarter people,” he added.

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Avin Jain, CEO at BDB said, “With its unique BI/AI platform BDB helps companies create their own analytics solutions to serve their customers with integrated advanced analytics to every type of persona. BDB provides governed dashboards on mobile with integrated ML/AI outcomes and rich UI to make it extremely simple for users to understand their business KPIs and take appropriate decisions to deliver in an optimal manner. The integrated analytics just brings the entire organisation to a single version of the truth. As we are moving towards Industry 4.0, BDB has extended its platform services to IIoT space by providing MQTT, SCADA, OPC-UA connectors using its serverless data pipeline with integrated data quality tool and ML algorithms to provide real-time analytics for preventive maintenance. Our collaboration with LTTS will now provide the industry-specific expertise and deep domain knowledge that LTTS is renowned for, and enable us to together serve the most demanding digital needs of customers.”

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