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L&T Uses Artificial Intelligence To Support 20 Cities In Combating Against COVID-19

L&T Uses Artificial Intelligence To Support 20 Cities In Combating Against COVID-19

L&T Uses Artificial Intelligence To Support 20 Cities In Combating Against COVID-19

Larsen & Toubro has recently announced that it is using artificial intelligence technology in order to support local authorities of 20 cities to monitor and implement measures to combat against COVID-19.

Considering this pandemic has created a high demand for digital services for healthcare and monitoring, L&T has introduced this smart technology solution in these cities so that it can help local administrations to monitor crowds, track patients, communicate with the public, and to maintain law and order.

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SN Subrahmanyan, chief executive officer and managing director at L&T, stated that the company’s Smart World & Communication has been working with various city administrations and state governments to manage complex civic functions in metropolitan cities effectively. 

He said, “With its ability to seamlessly integrate various smart technologies to manage surveillance, crowd management, message delivery and communication to the residing populace, L&T is supporting the transformation of city civic administrations.”

Currently L&T, In India, has partnered with municipal and police agencies to set up technology and manage command and control centres or city operations centres in regions such as Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Prayagraj, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, and Hyderabad.

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Earlier, L&T smart world and communications offerings were used only during natural disasters like cyclones and to manage large gatherings like Maha Kumbh in Prayagraj; however, this can now be used to fight COVID-19.

Considering Hyderabad people, it has been imposed that nobody can drive beyond 3-km from their residences even for buying essential goods. Therefore in order to help police enforce the curbs, L&T is offering a machine-learning-based automated number plate recognition system.

L&T is also using artificial intelligence and crowd formation analytics that trigger real-time alerts at the police command centre of cities like Mumbai and Hyderabad in order to help them remove the crowd.

The company is also working on other innovative solutions, to help local authorities of different cities, like chatbot-based emergency pass system in Telangana, drones-based surveillance for crowd formation at Mumbai, and fever detection using thermal cameras at Mumbai.

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