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The Machine Conference 2018, India’s Most Powerful Gathering Of Analytics And Data Science Leaders Commences On 11th May 2018 At Mumbai

The Machine Conference 2018, India’s Most Powerful Gathering Of Analytics And Data Science Leaders Commences On 11th May 2018 At Mumbai

Bengaluru, 14 February 2018, The Machine Conference, an exclusive gathering of Analytics and Data Science Leaders in India, is going to take a center stage on 11th May 2018 at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Mumbai, India. Brought to you by Analytics India Magazine, this unique conference is based on a theme of putting Analytics to work in India, and brings an opportunity to meet 50 head of analytics and data science from Indian firms.

In today’s world, as analytics adoption tops our agenda, examining the latest opportunities and challenges in the data driven world is indispensable. Data is at the forefront of all business transformation, and the challenge is to use this data and transform it into customer insights. The Machine Conference aims to offer a platform to recognize these ingenious minds who know how to transform data into competitive advantage.

Analytics 50 awards, which is a highlight of The Machine Conference is an effort to recognize the best minds in the Indian Analytics Industry, who have successfully transformed data into meaningful insights. This prestigious award would celebrate the men and women behind the success of Data Science in India, who have helped in molding the Indian Analytics Landscape.

Bhasker Gupta, founder and CEO, Analytics India Magazine said “Today Analytics is considered an integral part of every business irrespective of its nature and size. While we are surrounded by zetabyte of data and see it in all shapes of form, we still struggle to put it to the best use. At the Machine conference we bring together the leaders of Indian Analytics Industry and explore the groundbreaking innovations and challenges that they face in analytics adoption. They share their experience with compelling use cases and inspire us with ideas that are truly game changing”.

Sandeep Mittal, founder and MD, Cartesian Consulting said “You really can’t go wrong with a name like ‘The Machine Conference!’, it’s supercool before it’s even begun! And honoring 50 leading lights in India who’re actually making adoption happen, is brilliant. Given how much we believe in and how aligned we are to the journey analytics is taking in this market, we’re more than happy to partner with AIM in bringing this to you.” Cartesian Consulting is the Presenting Sponsor of The Machine Conference 2018.


Analytics 50 awards will recognize outstanding achievement in analytics in 5 categories—Data Driven CxO, Exemplary Data Scientists, The Early Adopters, The Sourcing Luminary and Data Science Transformers.

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An invite-only exclusive conference for senior analytics executives, it also includes other highlights such as industry thought-leader sessions, CAO panel discussions, vendor showcases, networking dinner, closed round tables with industry peers, along with offering a great networking opportunity with industry peers.  

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