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Machine Learning With UGC Is Helping Brands Up Their Marketing Game

Machine Learning With UGC Is Helping Brands Up Their Marketing Game

Harshajit Sarmah

Over the years, the marketing domain has gained significant popularity. Today, without marketing, it would be difficult for businesses to stay competitive in the industry. To succeed in marketing, organisations today need to focus on a lot of factors; they need to know about their users’ needs and interests and build a strategy accordingly to deliver content that engages with the users. Furthermore, there is one more thing marketers need to keep an eye — user-generated content (UGC)

In the digital age, marketers can’t win without mastering the know-how of UGC. User-generated content (UGC) is not something that is very new; the concept has been around since quite some time. However, recently, marketers across the world have started to understand and realize the significance of this marketing concept.  If in case you don’t know what User-generated content (UGC) is, it is any form of content — such as images, videos, text and audio, that are being posted by end users on online platforms.

UGC Is Noisy But AI Can Streamline Marketing Campaigns

There is no denying that today the world is witnessing a tremendous amount of content creation, and it is generating more and more data. The world of internet is getting flooded with content generated by people, however, there is some specific content that needs some special attention by marketers. Users across the globe are not only creating content for themselves but also for brands and organisation. And if a company wants to be on top of its marketing strategy, it needs to find and analyse those content.

UGC might be noisy, but is considered to be trustworthy and converts way better than official branded content. But why companies are still not active enough to embrace the superpowers of UGC? It is because of the amount of content and data that is getting generated — it’s insanely huge.


Companies Are Leveraging AI and ML To Analyse UGC Better

However, space has evolved too, and it has bought technology like AI, Machine Learning to the mainstream. Today, machine learning has become so advanced that it is marking its presence in numerous verticals and marketing is no exception.   

Exploring and studying data and content offers a great opportunity for marketers in terms of understanding the world of the internet. And using machine-learning powered tools, marketers can gather at both user-generated content and other types of content. This would help them have a clear look at how content related to their brand is engaged with other people in real time and how it’s being pushed out across channels.

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Furthermore, we all know that not every customer thinks or wants the same, and machine learning could be a great way to deal with it. Marrying machine learning with content can help in storing all the gathered data centrally and it can also filter and separate user-generated content that is in favour of the brand and the ones that are against.

Compared to humans, machine learning can more deeply analyse content using computer vision. And this helps brands collect enough data to analyse billions of consumer interest variables, identify specific customer’s interests based on their social media activities, then generate a report grouping people with similar interests. This is one of the master keys that every marketer should know about — user-generated content from different content sources.


The pace at which machine learning is touching several verticals, it is soon going to make things a lot easier for professionals. The concept of making use of machine learning in user-generated content is already making a lot more progress, delivering personalized and optimized digital experiences with authentic content. AI and ML-powered systems are becoming a vital part of content marketing, and if your company is not making use of it then there are chances that you are going to be left behind in the rat race.

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