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MachineCon Comes At The Right Time In Singapore, Asia’s Big Data Hub

MachineCon Comes At The Right Time In Singapore, Asia’s Big Data Hub

Machine Conference 2019 edition is set to bring newer flavours from the analytics community as it promises to assemble more than 400 industry leaders from India and Singapore in May this year.

The second edition of the conference makes a timely presence in Singapore as it is turning out to be the rapidly growing Southeast Asian countries with a lot of innovations happening in the space of analytics, data science and AI. While we have earlier covered articles about what to expect from MachineCon and the reasons why every analytics leader must attend it, here we bring 5 reasons why Singapore edition of the Machine conference comes at the right time.


Singapore is the fastest growing hub for analytics innovation: The country is known as the global hub for innovation and has made a huge impact on the fintech ecosystem. It could be largely attributed to the enhanced adoption of data science and analytics practice. Singapore has made great leaps from analytics engagement to analytics enabler and now contributes 44% to the analytics market size among Southeast Asia countries, which is one of the highest. It gives an opportunity to the analytics leaders to explore business opportunities in the country while playing on the strengths that Singapore already offers.

A healthy ecosystem of deep tech startups: There is a drastic increase in the number of deep tech companies in Singapore as the government has pledged a high amount in the commercialisation of the deep tech startup ecosystem. Cutting edge and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science have found a stronger foot in Singapore and there are startups exploring these technologies in areas such as retail, agriculture, cybersecurity and more. This is the right time for analytics enthusiasts to discuss opportunities in the startup space.

Strong government back up and support for the analytics community: One of the reasons why Singapore has taken a substantial lead and has been able to build a facility in the analytics ecosystem is because it has got strong support from the government. Initiatives such as AI Governance framework, SkillsFuture Initiative, AI for Everyone and several others have escalated the adoption of AI and new age technologies. The city and state have innovated, tested and piloted several emerging technology solutions making it a likely destination to host analytics summit.

Evolving research excellence in AI: An independent study cited that more than 24,000 papers on artificial intelligence were published in Southeast Asia, with Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand accounting for 86% of the output. This suggests that the country is taking its AI developments quite seriously and are aiming for more research-based outcomes in this high growth rate space.

A good network of investors and venture capitalists: We recently covered an article about top leading venture capitalists from Singapore who are investing in deep tech startups including AI and data science in Singapore. It clearly suggests that there are a lot of tech enthusiasts existing in this space that are ready to back up these startups in the country. The Machincon will act as a platform to bring this community on a single stage and allow attendees to discuss opportunities for setting up a stronger foot in the country.

Note: MachineCon is an invite-only conference

Visit the website for more details

Date: 24 May, Mumbai | 30 May, Singapore

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