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MachineHack Challenge: Visualizing The Pollution In India

MachineHack Challenge: Visualizing The Pollution In India

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MachineHack is back again with a new visualization challenge. In the fourth instalment of the “Visualization is Beautiful” series, data scientists are challenged to use their creative skills to understand the pollution crisis across India.

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India Pollution Data Visualisation Challenge

Air pollution is a critical problem all across the globe. We, humans, have ignored its consequences for so long. The natural disasters caused as a result of the dramatically changing climate, the rising temperature, untimely and fierce rains, all are consequences of our own ignorance. 

Trying to reduce world pollution is no easy task, and it can only be achieved by the co-operation of every single person in the world. What you as Data Scientists can do to help is to analyse the data and identify key extracts that can help governments and other organisations tackle the problem in an efficient way.

In this hackathon, we provide you with an open dataset that consists of information on emissions across all the states and cities of India. We challenge all data science enthusiasts to analyse the given data and create beautiful visualizations.

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Instructions For Participants

  1. Download the data and dig insights using advanced analytics. Present the analysis with beautiful visualisations.
  2. We are expecting gorgeous visualisations which deliver deep insights about the data and also do it using images.
  3. The more aspects of the data you cover in the visualisation, the better.
  4. You can use any platform or tool to create visualisations, just make sure the visualisation is beautiful.
  5. Only upload your submission once after you have put all your thought into the visualisation.

Take part in the challenge, compete against hundreds of Data Scientists, improve your data visualisation skills, get rated for your displays and win exciting prizes. 

So What are you waiting for! Click here accept the challenge.

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