MachineHack Organizes Dream Hackathon: Win, Get Mentorship at Google

MachineHack Organizes Dream Hackathon: Win, Get Mentorship at Google
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Ever hoped to get a chance to work with industry-leading experts and data science wizards? Well, wait no more! MachineHack has collaborated with Google Cloud to bring you a hackathon with amazing gifts and a chance to have a mentorship session with a top Googler. The Google Cloud BigQuery LTV Prediction Challenge will test data scientists’ skills in preprocessing, model building, and different programming languages, like SQL and Python. 

This hackathon will involve solving this challenging data science problem using BigQuery and Colab, so if that sounds interesting, sign up here. Hurry before registrations close!

Start Date: 16th Jan 2023

End Date: 16th Feb 2023

Click here to register.

Prizes for this hackathon include a brand new pair of Google Pixel Buds, two Google Nest smart home devices and GCP credits worth $500. The top 20 competitors will also get access to a dedicated 4–5 hour workshop on Vertex AI by Google Cloud.


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In addition, participants will also get multiple branding and learning opportunities — such as publishing a blog on GCP blog or AIM — along with participation passes to subsequent AIM conferences. However, the biggest prize is a chance to have a one-on-one mentorship and guidance session with a top Googler, giving winners the edge they need to add value to their careers. 

LTV, or lifetime value, is an important metric for many e-commerce platforms that allows them to estimate the net profit resulting from a customer connection. This metric is among the make-or-break factors for any company’s advertising strategy. If data scientists can successfully predict this, they can inform key decisions for companies in the e-commerce sector. 

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Start Date: 16th Jan 2023

End Date: 16th Feb 2023

Click here to register.

To bring this skill to more budding data scientists, MachineHack collaborated with Google Cloud to conduct it on one of their industry-leading data warehousing tools, ‘Google BigQuery’. This platform not only has built-in machine learning and business intelligence but is also widely used across the data science industry, making it an invaluable tool in any data scientist’s arsenal. 

Notably, the hackathon has some very important rules to keep in mind. First, only one account per participant will be allowed in the hackathon, meaning submissions from multiple accounts will lead to disqualification. Privately sharing code between participants is also prohibited, but participants can share code openly with all on the MachineHack forums. Finally, the hackathon has a submission limit of five per day. 

The MachineHack platform has all the prerequisites, rules, and evaluation criteria in one place, so make sure to check out the page for more details on the hackathon. Then, register and compete now to enhance your skills and gain an edge over your competitors to dominate the competition with your knowledge of BigQuery, SQL, and Python. 

Start Date: 16th Jan 2023

End Date: 16th Feb 2023

To participate in the hackathon, register yourself here.

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