MachineHack Unveils Top Performers in Google Cloud BigQuery LTV Prediction Challenge

The month-long competition witnessed close to 900 participants.
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In a display of data mastery, Google Cloud and MachineHack have completed ‘The Google Cloud BigQuery LTV Prediction Challenge’. The competition, which ran from January 16 to February 16, 2023, drew the attention of almost 900 participants, each ready to prove their worth in the exciting world of data science. 

From preprocessing to model building, and with the use of cutting-edge programming languages like SQL and Python, the challengers put their skills to test in the hopes of rising to the top of the leaderboard. In the end, only the most innovative and resourceful contestants emerged victorious, showcasing their incredible talent and expertise.

Lifetime value (LTV), a crucial metric for e-commerce platforms, was the focus of the challenge. The metric, which estimates the net profit generated from a customer connection, is a pivotal factor in companies’ advertising strategies. The challenge aimed to test data scientists’ abilities to predict LTV accurately, providing valuable insights to e-commerce companies for informed decision-making.

Competitors had the chance to win enticing prizes, including a pair of state-of-the-art Google Pixel Buds, two cutting-edge Google Nest smart home devices, and $500 worth of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) credits. Additionally, the top 20 participants will receive access to an exclusive, dedicated 4–5 hour workshop on ‘Vertex AI’ by Google Cloud, a valuable opportunity for those seeking to refine their field-specific skills.

The winning participants will have the chance to connect with some of the most brilliant minds in data and analytics, cementing their status as top-tier talent in this rapidly evolving field. 

Let’s see among nearly a thousand competitors who were able to impress the judges with their skills!

Rank 01

Tajinder, a seasoned data scientist hailing from Jind, Haryana, expressed gratitude towards the organisers of the challenge. In his post-competition statement, he shared his appreciation for MachineHack and its user experience while also acknowledging the possibility of errors in his approach to problem-solving and solution writing. 

Furthermore, Tajinder suggested to enhance future competitions, proposing that users should have the opportunity to select the final solution for evaluation from multiple options, rather than having the best solution chosen automatically.

Check out the winner’s approach here. 

Rank 02

Aadarsh Singh, a data scientist at Arista Networks in Pune, clinched third place. A graduate of IIT-Dhanbad, Singh fondly recalled his participation in the “Predict The Price of the Books” hackathon, which boasted over 1000 registrations. Despite the fierce competition, he managed to secure the position on the leaderboard—a significant milestone in his data science journey, he believes.

Encouraged by his initial success, Singh dedicated himself to mastering data science, ultimately attaining the rank of ‘GrandMaster’ on the MachineHack platform, where he currently holds the second position on the global leaderboard. 

Singh praised MachineHack for its numerous features, including hackathons, practice, interview preparation, and puzzles, which he described as a “one-stop place for everything”. In his closing remarks, he expressed his deep emotional connection to the platform, stating that, for him, it is more than just a website; it is an emotion.

Check out the winner’s approach here.

Rank 03

Roshan Rateria, a student at the Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, secured second place in the competition. Reflecting on his experience, he lauded the user-friendly nature of the MachineHack platform, which he found helpful in his learning journey. He further appreciated the platform’s messaging and learning features, describing it as a “comprehensive platform”.

Rateria praised the clear, concise, and simple prerequisites, rules, and evaluation strategies of the competition, making it easy for participants to understand. Expressing his enthusiasm for the platform, he hopes that more hackathons like this would be hosted in the future.

Check out the winner’s approach here. 

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Tasmia Ansari
Tasmia is a tech journalist at AIM, looking to bring a fresh perspective to emerging technologies and trends in data science, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

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