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MachineHack Visualisation Challenge: Can Your Data Science Skills Decode Uber Traffic Patterns?

MachineHack Visualisation Challenge: Can Your Data Science Skills Decode Uber Traffic Patterns?

Analytics India Magazine’s online hackathon platform, MachineHack is adding one more dimension to the kind of hackathons it brings to the data enthusiasts. MachineHack today launched a new visualisation hackathon named, “Visualisation is Beautiful: Uber City Traffic Visualisation Challenge. MachineHack wants to change how data science hackathon platforms work and wants to present a variety of challenges.

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For this challenge, MachineHack wants all data scientists to download data from the hackathon and look for insights from using advanced analytics. In the end, MH wants the participant to present the analysis with great visualisations.

We at MachineHack think deeply about how data and analytics can change our cities. Uber recently released a data product which made traffic data available to the world. The rise of vehicular traffic has been changing the design of our cities. It is very important to know how traffic moves in a city and how it changes at different times in a week. Hence it is very important to analyse and gain insights from traffic data. We invite data scientists, analysts and people from all technical interests to analyse the traffic data from Bengaluru and present some beautiful visualisations. The data gives us some information about how traffic moves from source to destination under various circumstances. Uber Movement provides anonymised data from over two billion trips to help urban planning around the world. Votes by MachineHack users will decide who has the best visualisation.

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