Manipal Hospitals & FUJIFILM Team Up to Digitize Healthcare

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Manipal Hospitals has partnered with AI health tech company FUJIFILM India to harness the latter’s digital technology for storing confidential medical documents and imagery. 

Manipal Hospitals will implement a large-scale Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), eliminating the need for manual storage, retrieval, and distribution of sensitive information, films, and reports.

Furthermore, the system will enable the preservation of medical documents and images on secure off-site servers. At the same time, the PACS software will guarantee that such sensitive medical data can be accessed via mobile devices and workstations from any location globally.


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Manipal Hospitals chief Dilip Jose said that this partnership would accelerate their progress towards digitization across their network of hospitals and make it more convenient for clinicians and patients.

The state-of-the-art Radiology Information System (RIS) PACS, developed as a part of the partnership, is now accessible for radiology and cardiology specialities and is expandable to future centres of Manipal Hospitals. It handles three million studies annually and is scalable to additional clinical specialities.

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The RIS PACS will provide patients with compliance through instantaneous access to medical images from any Manipal Hospital and digital access to reports as and when required and diagnosis from the selection of radiologists and cardiologists anywhere in the country.

“Through this association, we aim to provide superior technological medical facilities that can help save lives and encourage patients to become more engaged in their personal care, said Koji Wada, managing director of FUJIFILM India. 

Big Tech’s Big Bets on AI for Health

Earlier in Microsoft Leadership Summit 2022 in India, CEO Satya Nadella revealed that the tech giant is partnering with Apollo Hospitals to develop a cardiac prognosis model that will be trained on data from South Asians. The ML-backed model will give a non-bias AI preventive cardiac risk score. 

Microsoft isn’t the only tech giant that Apollo has partnered with. For example, Google announced a collaboration with Apollo Hospitals in India at the Google for India 2022 event to enhance the implementation of deep learning models for x-rays and other diagnostic procedures. 

In November 2022, Meta AI also introduced Galactica, the AI-generated programme that claimed it would support academic researchers by generating comprehensive literature reviews and Wiki entries on any subject; however, it failed due to unreliable results. 

Around the same time, Meta AI also released CICERO by merging natural language processing and strategic reasoning. It is the first AI agent to perform at a human level in the complex natural language game “Diplomacy.” Playing against humans on the website, the AI agent showed off this SOTA performance by exceeding all other players’ average scores by more than two to one. Additionally, it was among the top 10% of players who participated in multiple games.

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