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MarksMan Healthcare Solutions: HEOR and RWE Consulting Firm

MarksMan Healthcare Solutions: HEOR and RWE Consulting Firm

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MarksMan Healthcare Solutions is an International knowledge based Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) consulting firm based in India. The company focuses on providing outcomes research, economic modeling, real-world evidence (RWE), market access solutions and value communications services to maximize the opportunities of pharmaceutical products during a decision making process. Through analysis and synthesis of client-supplied data, combined with information from public sources, we offer expertise to serve clients at any and all stages of the empirical research process.


MarksMan premier quality research in HEOR and clinical trial analytics helps quantify and demonstrate the full value of pharmaceutical and other medical products.  Its team possesses expertise in a broad range of real-world HEOR topics, including retrospective database analysis, disease burden evaluation, health economic modeling, cost-effective analysis and comparative effectiveness reviews in numerous therapeutic areas.

Our scientists have extensive experience in statistical/biostatistical methods and the application of these methods to a wide range of applied and research health studies, including clinical investigations, epidemiologic studies, public health evaluations, health economics analyses, and other outcomes research.

We also have extensive healthcare data analytic expertise, especially in the creation of comprehensive and cohesive databases via the integration of various and disparate data sources. These databases are used to develop integrative models in support of advanced research and statistical evaluations.


MarksMan offers an array of services that includes:

Meta-analysis & systematic reviews

We use available scientific evidence efficiently without the need to perform new trials. Our advanced evidence synthesis techniques include (Bayesian) network meta-analyses, indirect treatment comparisons, and advanced statistical analyses.

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Medical chart review

Medical charts are valuable sources of real – life data on topics like disease epidemiology, treatment patterns, survival and health outcomes. We collaborate with Medical Data Analytics to perform efficient and accurate chart studies.

Pharmacoeconomic trials

We offer consultancy in early stages of clinical development to integrate health economics in the clinical trial design. In addition, we design the set-up for separate pharmacoeconomic trials in which all outcomes that are relevant to evaluate a product’s cost-effectiveness are collected within one empirical study.

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