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Lymbyc Solutions Creates World’s First-Of-A-Kind Virtual Analyst

Lymbyc Solutions Creates World’s First-Of-A-Kind Virtual Analyst



Lymbyc Solutions, a predictive analytics solutions provider, has developed a first of its kind virtual analyst platform which helps other companies with data analysis and assist with useful business insights. The virtual analyst product named ‘Lymbyc’ is driven by an adaptive machine learning engine which crunches data and processes insights quickly.

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Lymbyc uses artificial intelligence for feeding inputs in building What-Ifs scenario. The company says that it is the world’s first virtual data scientist and possesses the same intellectual capabilities to that of a data analyst. Notably, it primarily focuses on giving real-time predictive decision-making for consumer and enterprise sectors. Companies can utilise all the relevant data to witness Lymbyc’s potential.

At the launch of Lymbyc, Satyakam Mohanty, founder of Lymbyc Solutions, said, “Big Data Analytics have often been used as a validation resource and existing solutions help organisations answer the ‘what’ and ‘how’ kind of business queries at best, but cannot help them understand the ‘why’. We wanted to create a solution that truly mimics analysts and data scientists and does not stop at being just an intuitive BI system. Lymbyc enables organizations to undertake data discovery and predictive insight generation through a proprietary NLP-based querying language that harnesses Artificial Intelligence, thus helping them to take strategic decisions in real-time across enterprise and consumer spaces. It automatically learns what is relevant for your business with every interaction and continually curates information for future sharing.”

Directed at corporate leaders to help with decision-making during critical market situations , Lymbyc will surely provide them with quicker results and tackles time and information complexity on a larger basis. With technologies such as self-driving cars, image and speech recognition developing at a rampant pace, Lymbyc has its market approach towards business consumers by coupling artificial intelligence and machine learning domains.

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