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Meet The Six Startups From NetApp Excellerator Programme 2019

Meet The Six Startups From NetApp Excellerator Programme 2019

  • QuNu Labs
  • Securely Share
  • Zappy.AI
  • Ecolibrium Energy
  • Eder AI
  • UniQreate

NetApp has announced the names of six startups for this year’s NetApp Excellerator Programme recently. The programme which started in 2017, trains a batch of six startups from across various sectors as part of its accelerator programme and will provide them with mentorship and monetary support.

The six startups for this year’s cohort, who was selected from a pool of 300 applicants include QuNu Labs, SecurelyShare, Zappy.AI, Ecolibrium Energy, Eder AI and UniQreate. As part of the accelerator programme, NetApp will provide the startups with requisite mentorship, an equity-free grant of $15,000 and access to its vast pool of technology.


All the six startups are expected to conclude their five-month-long cohort programme by mid-July with an investor pitch. We take a look at the six names and the solution it offers.

QuNu Labs: The startup is one among the handful of startups that uses quantum computing to ensure safe data transfer. Through quantum cryptography, the startup has made encryption hack-proof and future-proof. Further, with solutions like Quantum Random Number Generator and Quantum Key Distribution, data security has been heightened

The startup was established in 2016 and is formed by Mark Mathias and Anil Prabhakar, who heads the laser optics group at IIT-Madras. Earlier, the startup was also part of Nasscom Product Connect and Cisco’s Startup LaunchPad Program.

Securely Share: Is yet another startup that provides security solutions for data sharing and it is GDPR compliant as well. Their Vault.Direct is a unique communication channel which is designed to deliver messages and documents directly to the user, bypassing traditional communication channels such as SMS, Email and Chat.

The startup was set up in 2017 by Prakash Baskaran, who have 25 years of experience in e-commerce and B2B market and encryption.

Zappy.AI: Is a London-based startup set up by Ambuj Agrawal in 2018. Their product, Zap Automation is a cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software which learns by observing users actions on the desktop and delivers increased productivity by more than 70% on manual processes of an organisation. The bot can automate a countless process and self learns, adds, deletes task based on feedback.

Ecolibrium Energy: The IoT and AI startup uses smart grid and energy management technologies for substantial energy savings, and enhanced asset productivity.

With their solution, the startup helps commercial, institutional and industrial organizations use energy more intelligently, pay less for it, and generate cash flow.

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It’s SmartSensor 2.0 is IoT and machine learning-based product which will provide its customers with real-time updates on energy consumption through its wireless platform and makes automotive recommendations for large power-consuming equipment.

The startup has raised $4.2 million in three rounds of funding, with the latest investment coming from Infuse Ventures and JLL in 2018.

Eder AI: The deep tech startup that was established in the year 2018, relies on its proprietary machine learning platform to generate secure AI.

Their decentralised platform helps AI researchers, Machine Learning Engineers, Mobile and Web Developers to compile AI models with the option to sell or buy models from Model Market and convert them into on-device machine learning models for secure distributed learning and deployment.

UniQreate: Isa New York-based deep tech startup co-founded by Nitin G and Rakesh Srivastava. The startup specialises in data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Text Analytics, Financial Services, FinTech, NLP, SaaS and Deep Learning solutions to help enterprises focus on higher value creation

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