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Meet Vivant, Data-Driven Startup That Aspires To Be The ‘Intel inside’ Of Health Tech Space

Meet Vivant, Data-Driven Startup That Aspires To Be The ‘Intel inside’ Of Health Tech Space

Vivant Team

There has been a visible increase in the digital healthcare platforms that are leveraging analytics and artificial intelligence to bring measurable and meaningful improvements to the health and wellbeing of people. Mumbai-based Vivant is one such data-driven health and wellness venture that delivers the healthcare industry’s leading preventive care platform. 

When others were lamenting about the state of healthcare in India, the team led by Adrit Raha (CEO) at Vivant grabbed the opportunity to build comprehensive digitally-delivered solutions while helping them stay healthy and manage diseases. The increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases, the lack of a cohesive and comprehensive health platform, the fragmented health ecosystem and some personal experiences were some of the inspiration behind the genesis of Vivant. 

With a strong team of experts from health tech, AI/ML, product development, insurance and health and wellness space, the startup has been on a path of revolutionising the health tech space since 2013. 

Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Dr Rasmi Mishra, Chief Product Innovation Officer of Vivant to get an inside view of how data and analytics forms a crucial part of their working, their growth story and more. 

Data & Analytics At Vivant

Dr Rashmi Mishra

With an impressive number of large enterprises as its clientele, Vivant has a strong track record of recording consumer health data at a phenomenal pace. The startup realised pretty early that mere collection of health data would not be sufficient and if it has to build that brand loyalty and consumer retention, it has to look beyond data and instead focus on the insights derived from analysis such as health data. 

They have since been building a robust health data analytics engine to analyse the data from trends and insights and circle back to consumers with personalised and persuasive wellness plans.

“From identifying the health risk of an individual based on various clinical and non-clinical parameters to communicating with end consumers through personalised and persuasive health messages, analytics engine churns the data to derive meaningful insights, customised for different enterprise partners, based on the metrics that they like to monitor,” shares Mishra. 

For instance, one of their recently launched mobile applications, NYRA helps women manage their periods better and simplify fertility tracking uses data analytics to monitor the patterns. Mishra explains if a user is continuously reporting delays in her periods, the engine marries the same with any medications she might be taking and analyses if the delay is due to any of her medications. It then makes suggestions such as a visit to a gynaecologist or connect with health counseller. 

Algorithms Creating Value For Customers 

As Mishra says, Vivant is aiming to be the ‘Intel inside’ when it comes to health tech. It aspires to be at the foundation of every initiative in the health and disease prevention space. Vivant is achieving all of it by building a sustainable user acquisition, engagement and retention model. 

It helps both enterprise partners and consumer-facing offerings to build consumer loyalty, access to timely health information, gain insights on population health trends and more to make their health and wellness offerings more relevant.  

“All of this is made possible by the predictive algorithms and analytics running behind the scenes. This engine is pretty much the fuel which is driving all the different engagement and value-added features of the platform,” says Mishra. 

By analysing and predicting the possible risk exposure of an individual, the system gives customised health recommendations to individuals, unlike other health-tech solutions that deliver cookie-cutter recommendations.

Machine Learning Is Crucial In Consolidating & Optimising Health Data

Businesses today are gathering a lot of data which can help them stay updated about customers and successfully utilise new sources to provide superior customer experience. However, predicting customer behaviour remains a key challenge.

“A lot of our enterprise partners were analysing structured data in their data warehouse, but they wanted to do more and that is where machine learning came to the rescue. With the help of AI/ML, Vivant helps its partners identify new data sources, which traditional analytics or databases are not using due to the format, size, or structure,” shares Mishra.

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It helps correlate and analyse data across multiple data sources while analysing large, heterogeneous datasets to identify individuals or groups who would benefit most from any health intervention.

“The insights derived from such analysis then leads to the building of extremely customised health plans for consumers. The more personalised the plan is, the more it appeals to an individual and has better outcomes,” said Mishra. 

Growth Story

Mishra reminisces that when Vivant started, health tech and preventive care were in its infancy but resilience combined with a single-minded focus on building a platform of the future, they have transformed into one of the fast-growing health tech start-ups with an impressive clientele and a user base touching almost a million. 

In the coming future, Vivant is looking for more growth and business expansion in SE Asia and MENA regions. On the product side, it has set-up a Vivant innovation labs to work on and incorporate in its offerings, cutting edge technology ranging from more robust use of AI/ML and disease prediction algorithms to voice-based and vernacular systems.

Overcoming The Competition

Mishra says that while there are several other data-driven health tech ventures, what differentiates them from others is their unique business model. 

“If you look at pure-play data analytics ventures, they always tend to struggle when it comes to the velocity part of big data. Without a consumer side of the story, they are often reliant on enterprises to share data. Similarly, if you look at ventures who have a strong user story but lack an adequate data analytics engine, fail to derive sufficient insights leading to higher consumer churn. Vivant, however, has both these bases covered very well,” she says. With the unique advantage in hand, they are looking to take Vivant to newer heights like never before. 

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