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Microsoft Makes Azure Quantum Available For Public Preview: What Does It Entail?

Microsoft has made its quantum computing service, Azure Quantum, available for public preview. Azure Quantum is the world’s first full-stack, public cloud ecosystem for quantum solutions, Krysta Svore, General Manager at Microsoft Quantum, claimed.

“The unified Azure Quantum ecosystem will accelerate your R&D with access to diverse quantum software and hardware solutions, a network of leading quantum researchers and developers, a robust resource library, and flexible self-service or tailored development programs for customers and systems integrators,” Svore added.


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Microsoft unveiled Azure Quantum at its Ignite event in November 2019. Honeywell, Toshiba, 1QBit, IonQ are working with Microsoft to improve the Azure Quantum ecosystem.

Azure Quantum is a full-stack, open cloud ecosystem to run quantum computing programs or solve optimisation problems in the cloud. 

Julie Love, senior director at Microsoft Quantum, stated in a blog, “With Azure Quantum Public Preview, we’re opening up the technology to the broader ecosystem.” Love added, “This means that developers, researchers, systems integrators, and customers can use it to learn and build.”

Quantum computing research is enabled by a rich set of tools that ranges from the Q# programming language to the Quantum Development Kit (QDK). Developers can quickly write programs with the Q# language and QDK and run the code against simulators and various quantum hardware, she said.


  • Access Quantum Computing And Optimisation Solutions In The Cloud: Through a single development interface, you can tap into the unique capabilities offered in quantum computing and optimisation solutions.
  • Easy Collaboration: The open-source Quantum Development Kit (QDK) with the Q# quantum programming language protects the development investments by anticipating and integrating with advances in quantum systems.
  • Explore At Your Own Pace: Amazon Quantum follows “Pay as you go” rule. Developers have the flexibility to choose from self-service development or tailored development services with the Enterprise Acceleration Program.
  • Optimisation: Azure Quantum provides access to a broad set of state-of-the-art optimisation algorithms developed by Microsoft and its partners. Developers can use classic optimisation algorithms as well as quantum-inspired optimisation algorithms (QIO). 
  • Providers And Targets: Azure Quantum adds the Microsoft QIO provider to every workspace, and developers can add other providers when they create the workspace.


  • Offers developers access to various quantum computing devices and enables them to run their Q# quantum programs in real hardware. 
  • Option to run algorithms in simulated quantum computers to test the code.
  • Access to trapped ion devices through the providers IonQ and Honeywell
  • Access to diverse quantum software, hardware and solutions from Microsoft.

Wrapping Up

Tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, Google are bullish on Quantum computing. With the public preview of Azure Quantum, Microsoft has taken another step forward to accelerate the research and development of quantum software and hardware solutions. The quantum service offers a range of solutions from Microsoft and its partners. However, the pricing is determined by the individual partners. Click here to know more.

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