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MLDS 2020: What Industry Experts Have To Say About The Largest ML Developers Conference

MLDS 2020: What Industry Experts Have To Say About The Largest ML Developers Conference

MLDS 2020 is already creating a buzz and the developer community is looking forward to making the most of it. This year, the Machine Learning Developers Summit is being hosted in two cities — Bengaluru and Hyderabad. MLDS is a first-of-its-kind event where India’s leading machine learning innovators and practitioners come together to share their ideas and experiences about machine learning tools and advancements in the field. It offers a platform to connect and explore how machine learning can add potential to their businesses and share best practices.

Here we bring the experiences of developers and the community from last year’s summit, the first edition of MLDS. This is what the ML experts had to say:

“I enjoy coming to all the events that Analytics India Magazine organizes. MLDS is very interesting because this is where all the developers are. If you want to know what other companies are doing, MLDS is a good platform to explore. It gives an idea of where the developer community is heading.”

– Prakhar Mehrotra, Senior Director- Machine Learning, Walmart Labs

“I believe that this summit is a great opportunity for developers to come together and share their experiences and best practices they’ve learnt through use cases. I think it’s a great colosseum that everybody can appreciate.”

Ranjit Chansarkar, Senior Consultant- Analytics, Bigbasket

“MLDS has been a stellar success in my opinion. I have been attending analytics and data summits all over the world and MLDS is right up there. It is good to see that we have all the big names such as Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon here and it allows for sharing ideas and talking about the cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow. This is the right way to go and I would love to come back again to a conference like this. Kudos to the team for pulling off such as great event.”

Ranajoy Bose, Solution Engineer Manager, Oracle Cloud Solution Hub

“For the first edition, it is much more than what I was expecting. The kind of crowd that turned out was really impressive. There are some great speakers too and there has been a lot of mutual learning. It’s a great networking session where we got to meet passionate machine learning and data science enthusiasts.”

Sai Sreenivas Kodur, Co-founder and CTO, Spoonshot

“Congratulations to Analytics India Magazine as they’ve been trying to build this ecosystem of analytics professionals in India which did not exist and a platform for all of us to come together. MLDS brings a technology-focus and not just the business aspect of the ecosystem.”

Pradeep Gulipalli, Co-founder, Tiger Analytics

“I’ve been a part of a variety of other events under the umbrella of Analytics India Magazine and this is a welcome addition to them. It brings focussed machine learning and data science enthusiasts together and is far more technical in nature. It is a geek’s paradise if you are someone interested in understanding what’s happening in this domain currently and what others are doing.”

Srinivasan Govindaraj, Director & Head of Data Sciences, Happiest Minds Technologies

“It’s a great platform to understand different trends in the field, how different companies are innovating in this space, What are they doing?, What’s in demand?, How to make business value out of these technologies and more. One thing is just to know the technology and another thing is to derive value out of it and I think a platform like MLDS gives that, it brings the industry aspect and also people who are working on it together.”

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Reena Sethy, Director- Product Management, SAP Labs India

“It’s a very well organised event and is something which is very highly needed in this quickly moving space. It brings people from similar areas and enables an interaction that helps all of us elevate ourselves.”

Nishant Sinha, Senior Manager- AI/ML, Capital One

“One of the things I was concerned about when I came here was whether people would be able to appreciate the complexities in the algorithms that I was going to present because they were pretty niche but I was quite surprised to see that a number of people were very appreciative and a lot of them asked very deep questions about it. I’m very happy to have presented it to such a knowledgeable audience.”

Sidharth Kumar, Principal Data Scientist, Flipkart

“This is a very nice initiative and much needed for a country like India. I think we have huge potential but somehow we have not explored it enough. We are not doing enough research in this area and there is not enough awareness about AI/ML. There’s a lot of hype but people don’t truly understand what is AI/ML. Events such as MLDS will help clear this hype and bring in more research in the field.”

Anurag Verma, CEO, MathLogic

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