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Most Wanted Malware In 2019

Most Wanted Malware In 2019

Harshajit Sarmah

With evolving technology, the sophistication of malware is also evolving. Attackers are figuring out better ways of evasion, making traditional antivirus look like stupid gatekeepers. Furthermore, malware is not infecting corporations malicious activities, but it is also evolving and taking different forms. Ransomware is a malicious code or software that collects and locks the data of the victim and demands for a ransom.

How many of you remember WannaCry, the notorious ransomware? It is one of the best examples of how wrongdoers are becoming sophisticated. Another notorious ransomware was NotPetya. Many cybersecurity experts claim that if WannaCry was something that said something bad is about to happen, the Petya has proved it.

The rise of decentralised currency over the years has not only created entire ecosystems but has also created a number of critical threats that are snowballing. Malware is one such threat that has grown at an alarming rate through the past couple of years. Whether you talk about mobile phones or computers, malware has marked its presence everywhere.

Even after witnessing some of the worst malware attacks, the tech world is still not able to get rid of malware. And in order to give you all a look into them, we will list some of the latest most wanted malware in this article.

Notorious Malware Of March 2019

Before jumping right into the list of malware, lets us understand why the rate of malware attacks are not decreasing significantly.

Many people might think that malware is something has become an old concept, however, that is not true. There are many firms and individuals across the world that never bother about updating their software frequently or changing the password of various online accounts. And they are ones who mostly fall prey to malware attacks.

In this ever-transforming tech space, if you are not maintaining security holes than you are simply increasing your chances of getting compromised by malicious actors.

According to Check Point Research, a leading cyber threat intelligence, during March 2019 three of the topmost prevalent malware were crypto miners: Cryptoloot, XMRig and JSEcoin. Cryptoloot headed the Threat Index for the first time, closely followed by Emotet, the modular trojan, and both had a global impact, while XMRig is the third most popular malware.

Top Three Malware

Cryptoloot: It is a  crypto-miner that uses the victim’s CPU or GPU power and existing resources for crypto mining – adding transactions to the blockchain and releasing new currency.

Emotet: this malware is an advanced, self-propagate and modular trojan. It was once used to employ as a banking Trojan, and recently it was used as a distributor to other malware or malicious campaigns. It uses multiple methods for maintaining persistence and evasion techniques to avoid detection. That is not all, it can be spread through phishing spam emails with malicious attachments/links.

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XMRig: First seen on May 201, it is an open-source CPU mining software that is usually used for the mining process of the Monero cryptocurrency.

Top 3 Mobile Malware

Hiddad: It is an Android malware that repackages legitimate apps and then released them on a third-party store. This notorious malware displays ads, and also gain access to key security details built into the OS, allowing an attacker to obtain sensitive user data.

Lotoor: It is a popular hack tool that exploits vulnerabilities on Android OS in order to gain root privileges on compromised mobile devices.

Triada: Triada is a modular backdoor for android that grants superuser privileges to downloaded malware. It has also been seen spoofing URLs loaded in the browser.

Looking forward

There is no denying to the fact that it is not only technology for the good that is evolving. The last couple of years have also proved that with the evolving technology, hackers are also working day in out to match the sophistication level.  With so much happening, it is high time that companies and individuals across the world take significant steps to eliminate or at least mitigate the malware.

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