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Motorola’s Country Head for India Operations, Amit Boni leaves the firm to join Smartron

Motorola’s Country Head for India Operations, Amit Boni leaves the firm to join Smartron

Amit Boni, currently serving as Global Vice President for Smartron

Amit Boni was the face behind revival of the brand Moto in India, until his recent appointment as the Global Vice President at Smartron, a home-grown smartphone and smart devices maker. He has executed a successful seven-year stint, serving at several key positions in Motorola. His last designation at Motorola saw him as the Country Head for India Operations. His presence at Motorola has helped shape the future of handset in the retail and e-commerce segment in India.

Boni’s job role will see him take responsibility for overall brand building, and heading the sales and marketing functions for Smartron. Besides experience, Boni brings along with him a new age thinking, combined with a challenger mindset. This will help Smartron in their journey towards building India’s first true global product tech and IoT brand. Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder and Chairman, Smartron comments, “Amit will be responsible for sales and marketing efforts, and his experience in building tech products will help Smartron grow significantly. He will be a key internal stakeholder as we move towards realizing our vision.”

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Smartron is making significant strides in this space by designing and engineering innovative products in India. “It’s a great honor to join Smartron. “I am very excited to be a part of this company, and will work towards shaping the future of this authentic brand,” extols Boni.

Recently, Krishna Yarlagadda joined the board as an investor and strategic advisor. Yarlagadda is a technology pioneer and a serial entrepreneur. He has extensive experience in operations, investments, and advisory services across computing, communication, and connectivity technologies. As a strategic advisor for Smartron, Yarlagadda is mentoring the Chairman and the Board.

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The organization has been backed by cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar, and Sanjay Jha, who was part of the ex-leadership at Motorola. Smartron recently hired over 40 mid-to-senior research and development (R&D) executives from LeEco’s India R&D facility. The move will help the firm strengthen capabilities across areas such as internet of things (IoT), the Android platform, processor technology and other technology integration in the mobile space. This team will be based out of Smartron’s Hyderabad R&D facility.

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