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MyGate Lays Down Guidelines For Gated Communities

MyGate Lays Down Guidelines For Gated Communities

Rohit Chatterjee

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With guidelines such as self-distancing amongst the most crucial to breaking the chain of COVID-19, MyGate– the security and community management app for gated communities have laid down a number of guidelines for gated communities to be followed during this period of the outbreak. 

Through its official Twitter account, the company shared the Coronavirus gated community response guidelines which one can download by clicking the link. The instructions and tips shared by MyGate have been divided into six different categories to serve different people associated with a gated community.

For the management committee of a community, MyGate suggests not to organise any events in the community in this period and closure of gyms, swimming pools and other classes that are often used by many. The company urges to stop the usage of biometrics for access till the situation is under control which will help in reducing the spread of the virus. The company also requested gated communities to ask society staff (e.g. electrician, plumbers) to not roam around in the community. They should be restricted to the estate Managers office once their designated job is complete. Last but not least, it urges to create an Emergency Response Team (ERT) within the community consisting of residents, committee members and key society staff members. If one community has a medical practitioner in the ERT, that will be of big help. For large communities with multiple towers, one can create an ERT for each tower or block.

Moving on to the guidelines for estate managers, MyGate suggests to take care of personal hygiene, keep backup for Genset, ensure water continuity and regular sanitisation of the entire community, especially the lifts. Not to mention, garbage collectors are to be taken care of since they are likely to be more exposed to the virus. Last but not least, a team should be trained to handle the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) operation. 

A few tips for the residents as well have been pointed by MyGate. The reports read that one should disinfect your main door knobs/handles and calling bell switches frequently. If someone has to step out of the house for supplies, once back, the first thing to do is thoroughly clean hands and change the clothes immediately. Residents can increase their immunity by consuming Zinc, Vitamin-C and other multivitamins along with adequate sleep. It is also the moral responsibility of the residents to educate their domestic help on the sensitivity around the issue and the precautions that need to be taken at their homes.

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Last but not least, MyGate mentions residents must follow every measure laid down by health agencies self disclose or report if there is any suspect case of infection.

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