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Myntra Working On Augmented Reality To Give Customers A 360-Degree Experience

Myntra Working On Augmented Reality To Give Customers A 360-Degree Experience

Very soon, when you shop on Myntra, a quick evaluation of your fashion quotient and options of latest fashion to elevate it, may be available at your disposal.


Myntra is working on the addition of an augmented reality (AR) feature to its app to help its customers stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. When operational, the feature will be able to use the camera on the customer’s phone and critique their fashion choices.

“It [the app] uses the camera of the phone, figures out what you are wearing and then provides a rating. It is for the fashion-conscious audience who would want to wear the latest trends and be seen as fashionable,”Ambarish Kenghe, Chief Products Officer of Myntra, was reported saying.

The Flipkart-owned fashion platform has already embraced other growing technology like AI. Its AI-powered ‘fast fashion’ brands, Moda Rapido and Here and Now,  have already found success.

Augmented reality has great potential in the area of fashion,especially in the e-commerce sector. The use of AR may be able incorporate the concept of a traditional trial room into to an online environment and help customers choose the best fashion and fit from the comfort of their homes.

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The DressingRoom app is a good example of this.The app was launched earlier this year by Gap.Inc to help its customers ‘try’ its clothes on virtually. Based on vital measurements such as height and weight, the app creates a 3D mannequin that mimics the entered measurements. It provides a 360 degree view of the model and shows how a chosen a garment will look on it. The app was created in association with Google and Avametric.

Flipkart, which owns Myntra, faces the stiffest competition in the online fashion category from Amazon. In order to consolidate its position in the market, Flipkart acquired Myntra in 2014. And in 2016, Jabong was acquired. It recently was reported that Myntra was contemplating  launching its multi-brand offline stores.

With the domestic online fashion market in India set to be valued at $12-$14 billion by 2020, the adoption of an AR-enabled feature to serve customers better could be a game changing and differentiating factor.

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