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Nanodegree Programs Made Free By Udacity

Nanodegree Programs Made Free By Udacity


Keeping in mind the challenges being faced by the common mass amidst the spread of COVID-19, Udacity has contributed to easing the lives of a section of people by offering everyone one free month on one of 40 premium Nanodegree programs in the US and Europe. The company shared the news on March 25 through a blog post which read that the company took the unprecedented step after witnessing how schools and universities have shut down which has led parents and educators to look for virtual and online environments.

Udacity aims to train the world’s workforce that has been laid-off for the jobs of the future by making learning accessible and convenient for everyone amidst such situations. The post states that it takes four to six months (at about 10 hours a week) on the platform to learn a high-tech skill like machine learning, data analytics, software development, digital marketing, product management, or software development for self-driving cars. 

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Talking about the move by Udacity, CEO Gabe Dalporto said, “The Udacity team recognizes that this new anomaly will heavily impact several communities. We want to help students, small business owners, gig workers, and employees of large companies accelerate their education and career upskilling by offering one free month on any Udacity program. We know that in some cases, this can’t replace lost income or time in class, but it can help provide opportunities to sharpen much-needed skills that are necessary for the future of work.”

During an economic crisis or recession, college enrollment booms as people aim to learn new skills and knowledge to venture into new industries. However, that is not the option considering social distancing is the essential way to stop the virus due to which colleges and universities have shut down. Due to this reason, Udacity has made a move and hope that people will realize the possibilities of online learning and what it can offer.

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