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NASSCOM Big Data and Analytics Summit, 26th June 2015, Hyderabad

NASSCOM Big Data and Analytics Summit, 26th June 2015, Hyderabad

NASSCOM Big Data and Analytics Summit

This Summit – amongst NASSCOM’s annual events- brings together industry professionals, companies and individuals from the field of Big Data and Analytics. We recognize that this core sector in business and technology is currently the big wave. Besides being a key focus area, arguably, in future, this alone is likely to be the differentiator between successful organisations and the also-rans.

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The 3rd NASSCOM Big Data and Analytics Summit will focus on using Big Data and Analytics strategically, by incorporating it in decision-making across the enterprise. Explosion of data, ear-marks the digital age. Analytics, related technologies and their mastery will only reveal the path, but eventually decisions will have to be taken, and implemented. Therein lies the shift from the past – to be able to imbibe Data-driven decision making across the enterprise.

This event is attended by 400+ professionals from across the country.
With 35+ speakers from around the world, this is an event which is a must attend.


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Hyderabad International Convention Centre
Novotel & HICC Complex (Near Hitec City)
P.O Bag 1101, Cyberabad Post Office
Hyderabad – 500 081

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