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Neta App To Help Review Politicians, Will Use AI, Blockchain To Authenticate Users

Neta App To Help Review Politicians, Will Use AI, Blockchain To Authenticate Users

Taking the idea and fundamentals of democracy to a whole new level, Pratham Mittal, a University of Pennsylvania graduate, recently unveiled a new mobile phone app to “rate” Indian politicians. Called Neta App, the mobile phone application launched by former President Pranab Mukherjee, uses artificial intelligence, advanced algorithms, blockchain, one-time password and the user’s Aadhaar number to ensure that the ratings are genuine.

Speaking at the formal launch of the app at his official residence at Rajaji Marg, New Delhi, Mukherjee said, “Neta app aims to create a deep impact on the political engagement in the country. Apart from the obvious ability to let people rate their MLAs and MPs, the app serves as a useful barometer to gauge voter sentiment at any given point of time, across each constituency. Neta also provides new leaders with an opportunity to showcase their popularity and catch the attention of political parties… Anyone interested in fighting an election can get featured on the app by gathering a 1,000 votes from their constituency.” This was reported by IE.

According to the creators of the Neta App, the ideology behind the product is simple. They said, “We want that all our politicians should be made accountable to the citizens. We rate Uber drivers, we rate restaurants — so why not our leaders too? If our leaders know that their performance is being rated, we believe that they will work even harder for the betterment of the public.”

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Reportedly, over 1.5 crore verified voters have already rated or reviewed local leaders across 543 parliamentary constituencies and 4,120 Assembly constituencies on the app within eight months.

Already, the Neta App has come up with some interesting observations and predictions. CEO Robin Sharma, who previously co-founded CAG with political strategist Prashant Kishor, told a newspaper that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may lose 70-seats if Lok Sabha elections were to be held right now. He said, “This is without factoring a Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samaj Party alliance in Uttar Pradesh. According to the app, BJP is down to 212-seats from its 2014 tally of 282, while the Congress is up from 44-seats to 110-seats. The trend in the last three months shows the Congress gaining, albeit gradually, while BJP losing ground.”

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