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New Microsoft 365 Version With AI-Driven Content Now In India

New Microsoft 365 Version With AI-Driven Content Now In India

New Microsoft 365 Version With AI-Driven Content Now In India

Microsoft has announced that the company is bringing out a new version of Microsoft 365 for the Indian market that will provide users with artificial intelligence-driven content.

This new Microsoft 365 version will offer content related to artificial intelligence like video chats, templates and cloud-powered experiences. This new version of Microsoft 365 Personal will be priced at ₹ 420 per month for an individual and will allow a family of up to six people to use it for ₹ 530 per month.

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This new Microsoft 365 version will include features like premium desktop Office apps, 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage per person, 60 Skype minutes for calling mobile phones and landlines, advanced security features to protect users from malware and phishing attacks and ongoing technical support.

The company further announced the subscription of Microsoft 365 for family and personal use will be soon rolled out regionally and is expected to reach over 38 million Office 365 subscribers globally in the next few months.

According to Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate vice president of Windows and Devices Group, “The Microsoft 365 family and personal subscriptions will provide users with innovative experiences that enable them to co-author, video chat, organise, and come together with friends and families anytime and anywhere.”

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Additionally, the new version of Microsoft 365 will include a Microsoft Editor, which is an AI-powered service available in more than 20 languages. This will also be accessible across Word and, and as a standalone browser extension for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Among other improvements is the AI-powered Presenter in Microsoft PowerPoint, which has been designed to help correct monotone pitch and refine speeches — will be available as a free preview for all, and then eventually only to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Further for the new version, in Excel, users will have new data types and smart templates to interact with data, providing deeper meaning for over 100 topics. Microsoft 365 subscribers have exclusive access to the over 100 new data types powered by Wolfram Alpha.

According to the company, Skype has seen an increase in usage with 40 million people using it daily, up 70% month over month. The company stated, “We are seeing a 220% increase in Skype to Skype calling minutes month over month.”

A Microsoft Family Safety app has also been designed in order to keep families safe. The company said it would also launch Teams with new features later this year for users to stay connected with their family and friends.

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