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Niche Analytics Companies- A Report by Jigsaw Academy

Niche Analytics Companies- A Report by Jigsaw Academy

Niche companies are small and mid-size companies that focus on providing analytics expertise to businesses around the world. India has a growing number of such companies who are actively recruiting analytics talent. They provide a varied and challenging work environment and according to a report published by Jigsaw academy earlier this year, the salaries offered in niche companies average at 4.5 lakhs at entry level and go up to 16 lakhs for director level (10+ years of experience).

The purpose of the report is to give those looking to begin a career in analytics an inside view into the type of work niche analytics companies do and the kind of interesting career options they offer.

The report features two successful Niche companies Gramener and Marketelligent.

The key points covered in the report :

  • Profile of the founders
  • How/Why the companies were founded
  • Recent innovations in the company
  • Where they are headed
  • Advice for future analysts
  • Insights from the founders
  • Hiring Strategies
  • Interviews with data scientists

The interviews with the two data scientists from Gramener and Marketelligent are really useful for wannabe data analysts. We get a personal account of how they began their journey into analytics, their present job profile, their potential career path and what they feel is the most exciting thing about their jobs. They also give us a detailed account of how they spend a typical day in the office being data scientists.


The report ends with a list of niche analytic companies in India.

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To access the report, follow the below link-

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