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NIIT Ventures Into Business Analytics

NIIT Ventures Into Business Analytics

niitNIIT, leading Global Talent Development Corporation and Asia’s largest IT trainer today announced the launch of a comprehensive and unique – “Program in Business Analytics” to develop the next generation of data scientists and business analytics professionals. As the need for analyzing huge volumes of data presents immense opportunity for businesses today, there has been a growing demand for analytics professionals across various sectors. To cater to this emerging trend, apart from some of the leading business schools, NIIT is the first to introduce a cutting-edge program in Business Analytics. 

Given the large amounts of new data created every single minute, analytics skills are no longer just an extension of the IT professional, they are becoming increasingly important for businesses. Business Analytics is emerging as an industry in its own right. According to a study by IDC, it is estimated that global enterprises will invest Rs 12000 Crores (US$120 Billion) by 2015 to capture the business impact of analytics across hardware, software and services. The study also estimates a five-year compounded growth of 16 percent for the Indian analytics market. NASSCOM has also estimated that from fifty thousand today, the demand for Analytics professionals in India will grow to two lakh fifty thousand by 2015.

In today’s business environment analytics plays an ever increasing role in various contexts, as it is estimated that about 1300 exabytes of information exists in the world of which 90% is unstructured and only 2% is non-digital. Perceiving the need for skilled analytics professionals in almost every industry vertical, NIIT has launched the ‘Program in Business Analytics.’ The six months program has been developed by industry experts with inputs from several leading analytics companies and offers a fine balance between concepts and hands-on practice.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Amitabh Lahiri, President, Career Building Solutions, NIIT Ltd. said, “India today has one of the largest pools of analytics and data science talent in the world and has been playing a key role in supporting the analytical needs of the developed markets. At NIIT we are leveraging our expertise by offering a unique Program in Business Analytics which will be transformational for students through the use of active learning and business problem solving exercises enabled by a cutting edge curriculum.”

Analytics is a way of thinking that allows the use of knowledge, tools and technologies to extract valuable insights from data. It is one of the fastest emerging industries’ thus creating a need for skilled professionals to manage the data differently. Analysts have also predicted that companies are creating business value and enhancing their services out of the Big Data investment.

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The unique program in Business Analytics will be delivered by practitioners who have rich experience of working with some of the best analytics firms and Fortune 500 clients. The program is based on intensive assignments, case-studies, projects and uses a case-based approach to learning. Learners and professionals with a background in business management, engineering, mathematics, statistics, or economics can undertake this program.

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  • I’am an IT professional with 9yrs of non-analytics experience ( in IT Infrastructure Services ) and a BCA Graduation for qualification, currently on a career break for the last two years and looking to switch to Analytics. I’am currently looking at doing this Business Analytics Course from NIIT , which to me looks comprehensive and industry relevant so I can launch my career in Analytics at the end of the course. Can anyone suggest if Iam going in the right direction ?? What would be the opportunities in this field and how easy or difficult is it to get a job in analytics with my credentials ??

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