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Nissan’s i2V Technology Now Enables You To See What’s Coming Ahead Before You Actually See It

Nissan’s i2V Technology Now Enables You To See What’s Coming Ahead Before You Actually See It

Have you ever played racing games like Need For Speed or Burnout? We are sure you must have wondered if driving could ever be so easy like in these games IRL. One of the biggest difference between the game and in real life is that we have a clear idea of what lies ahead of us so that we can take every twist and turn confidently. Now, the reality is closing in on that as well, with auto giant Nissan introducing a new in-car interface called the i2V which stands for invisible to visible.

i2V = Invisible to visible

This “invisible to visible” technology uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to predict and display what is coming ahead on the road while a user is actually driving. It combines the output of sensors around the vehicle with data from the cloud to give the driver a picture of the world around him/her while sitting inside the vehicle. It can even let you see through objects and corners by predicting what is around it.

i2V uses Nissan’s Omni-sensing technology to gather information from the sensors on the vehicle and the real-time data from the Cloud to create a 3D map of the vehicle and its surroundings. All the data collected goes through complex AI algorithms and are presented to the driver in the form of augmented reality. The complete road environment is analysed by Nissan’s SAM (Seamless Autonomous Mobility) technology, a tech developed along with NASA, which uses AI and remote human support to help autonomous vehicles to make decisions in unpredictable situations. The ProPILOT semiautonomous driver support system provides information about the car’s surroundings. It is also capable of monitoring the driver to anticipate when they need a break or to assist in finding something.

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With i2V Nissan aims to take the driving experience to a whole new level, making it safer and interactive.

Why Is i2V Unique

  • The i2V technology provides support for both autonomous and manual driving. Autonomous driving with i2V can give you a comfortable and confident ride. The technology provides information about things like road and intersection status, visibility, signage or nearby pedestrians.
  • Another exciting feature of i2V is that it can connect drivers and passengers to people in the Metaverse virtual world. This feature will allow family, friends or others to appear inside the car as three-dimensional, augmented-reality avatars to provide company or assistance to the driver.
  • i2V can also connect to a local guide within the metaverse when visiting a new place and all data will be stored in the cloud so any new visitors can access it.
  • i2V in manual driving will provide information from the cloud as an overlay in the driver’s field of vision means that the driver will be able to see everything that comes ahead in the form of augmented reality.
  • i2V can also assist the driver in parking the vehicle in situations requiring difficult parking manoeuvres

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