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Now An AI Bot To Judge Your ‘Awful’ Taste In Music

Now An AI Bot To Judge Your ‘Awful’ Taste In Music

The Pudding

In keeping with the annual tradition, popular music streaming platform Spotify provided users with Spotify Wrapped, a year-end report of the kind the music they listened to through the year. Many were seen showing-off their reports on social media. Now, a new AI bot has now gone a step further.

If being judged by fellow humans on one’s music taste wasn’t enough, now a new AI tool from The Pudding would validate users’ taste in music. Built on a rather light-hearted premise, the game is titled ‘How Bad is Your Spotify’, with a tagline that says, ‘Our sophisticated A.I. judges your awful taste in music’.

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Once the user accepts to undertake the entire ‘assessment’, the software seeks access to their Spotify to judge the music taste against its library of over 2 million indicators of ‘objectively good music’ that the software is trained on.

Credit: The Pudding

Once the users provide access to their Spotify, the software guides through a series of prompts to hilariously roast the users’ taste in music. It tells the user which songs they listened to, how ‘basic’ (or not) their taste in music is, which artists they are obsessed to an ‘uncomfortable extent’ and even the era of music they are stuck in.

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