Now Learn JavaScript Programming Language With Microsoft

Now Learn JavaScript Programming Language With Microsoft

Design by Now Learn JavaScript Programming Language With Microsoft

Microsoft has released a new series of video tutorials on YouTube for novice programmers to get a hands-on renowned programming language — JavaScript.

This isn’t the first attempt by Microsoft to come up with video tutorials by beginner programmers. The company also has a series of YouTube tutorials on Python for beginners.

For JavaScript, Microsoft has launched a series of 51 videos as ‘Beginner’s Series to JavaScript,’ for young programmers, developers and coders who are interested in building browser applications using JavaScript. These video tutorials will also help programmers and coders to use relevant software development kits (SDKs) and JavaScript frameworks, such as Google’s Angular.

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“Learning a new framework or development environment is made even more difficult when you don’t know the programming language,” stated on the Microsoft Developer channel on YouTube. “Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’ve created this series of videos to focus on the core concepts of JavaScript.”

It further stated — while the tutorials don’t cover every aspect of JavaScript, it indeed will help in building a foundation from which one can continue to grow. By the end of this series, Microsoft claims that the novice programmers will be able to work through tutorials, quick starts, books, and other resources, continuing to grow on their own.

Similar to its Python video tutorial series, released last year, this series of tutorials will also follow a similar structure of offering students lessons in the language and AI tools that can be used in the Azure cloud.  

Microsoft also shared a GitHub page for its JavaScript course, where the company stated that the key goal is to help to showcase enough JavaScript to give learners the background needed to begin working through quick starts and tutorials focused on frameworks and SDKs using JavaScript.

For this, the company has assumed that the learners will have experience with a programming language such as Python, Java or C++, along with core concepts such as boolean logic, functions and variables. “We focus on the syntax, but not the theory; we show you how to perform the tasks you’ve done before in JavaScript,” stated on the GitHub page.

Although it’s quite an old language, it is still a go-to language for building browser applications and increasingly native-like desktop and mobile applications with React Native and Electron. It is also one of the top three most popular languages in various programming language indexes, including IEEE Spectrum and RedMonk. 

“We use Node.js as the runtime instead of the browser. While almost all of the code we use works in both locations, all demos will be executed from the console using Node.js.”

The course takes learners through the process of understanding the importance of running JavaScript in the browser for applications with a user interface or a server for web services and backend functionality. The video series has been designed to be consumed as one sees fit. One can either watch start to finish or can dive into specific topics.

In these tutorials, learners are also taught and guided to develop the ‘Hello World’ app. Further, it will illustrate the beginners about Azure artificial-intelligence services, such as Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Framework, which have JavaScript implementations.

Check out the video tutorials here.

Sejuti Das
Sejuti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine (AIM). Reach out at

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