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OKWU to Unveil its Incredible Range of IoT-ready Smartphones

OKWU to Unveil its Incredible Range of IoT-ready Smartphones

The smartphones will be launched on November 15th at the Indian Habitat Centre. Touted to be the next-gen eco system of the gadgets and appliances, OKWU smartphones are designed for tech-savvy generation and promote a smarter/automated way of living. With refined craftsmanship, premium materials and sophisticated smarter technology, OKWU phones features:

  • Screen – HD display with resolution 1280×720
  • 4G LTE enabled
  • Body: Metal finish
  • Stock android
  • Pricing: Starting from 6K

U-Arena: Creating an intelligent ecosystem of connected experiences

OKWU is more than just a smartphone; it’s a connection point to an ecosystem of devices. The USP of the new smartphone is that it drives on innovative technology and is one of the pioneer brands to augment IoT technology in mobile phones.

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OKWU smartphones are android-based phone, which enhances machine-to-machine interactions, doing much more than just surfing the web and running applications. It features apps that communicate with other devices, allowing users to control, monitor and track various appliances through the phone. “U-Arena”, OKWU’s solo invention is the first-of-its-kind platform that promotes an automotive lifestyle. This built-in intelligent tool features apps that help users to integrate all their devices and appliances with the smartphone.

Make in India Initiative

With the emergence of Chinese players in the Indian markets with smartphones, gadgets and IoT devices, OKWU is a brand promoting the ‘Make in India’ initiative. OKWU engages the growing Indian smartphone user base with revolution IoT-enabled gadgets that set the tone for the future. OKWU’s inclusion of a new series of affordable phones showcases the brand’s continued commitment and support to the government of India’s initiative to digitally empower every Indian.

Mr. Anshuman Atul, CEO and Managing Director, OKWU commented, “It is time for us to upgrade from a smart phone to a smarter phone. Our niche series of smartphones features progressive technology and pre-installed apps that enables an automated lifestyle. Through our IoT-enabled gadgets and devices, we strive to make a difference in the lives of 21st century habitants.” He further added, “We believe in building a truly urbane brand, constantly working on pushing the limits of software technology that continues to defy boundaries of engineering to perfect the user experience.”

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The company focuses on shaping the future of smartphone market, making breakthrough technology easily available and accessible to the masses. OKWU smartphones will be manufactured and assembled in Shenzhen, China and the company plans to have their own assembly unit in India ahead.

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