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Ola Acqui-Hires Bengaluru-Based AI Startup Pickup.AI

Ola Acqui-Hires Bengaluru-Based AI Startup Pickup.AI

Source: @Olacabs (Facebook)

Indian ride-hailing company Ola has acquired Bengaluru-based artificial intelligence startup at an undisclosed amount.

Founded by Inder Singh and Ritwik Saikia, uses autonomous technologies like AI, computer vision and sensor fusion to provides seamless AI-powered solutions for businesses. With this deal, sources say that the team will be joining Ola as a part of the deal.


 “We are looking forward to joining Ola on its mission to build mobility for a billion people,” said the founding duo. “And we are excited about building technology solutions that have a deep impact on the lives of millions”.

Currently, Ola is focusing on using its data and its expertise in technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify deep insights that can lead to improved mobility outcomes. And the team seemed to be a good support for the Indian cab aggregator. Furthermore, this will also include investments in early-stage businesses, acquisitions as well as acqui-hires across AI, ML, computer vision etc.

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“As we advance on our mission to build mobility for a billion people, we are also investing in futuristic technology solutions that will shape the future of mobility in India and the world,” said Ankit Bhati, co-founder and CTO, Ola.

Earlier this year, Ola has also expressed its intention of setting up an advanced technology centre in the San Francisco Bay area. The purpose behind this is to completely focus working on next-generation technologies such as EV, connected and autonomous vehicles.

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