One-of-a-kind hackathon: #CryptoPrediction in the spotlight

Rocket Capital Investment wants to capture skilled people who can predict solutions to complex problems that exist in the financial markets, in return for which it wants to reward the problem-solvers.
One-of-a-kind hackathon: #CryptoPrediction in the spotlight
Image © One-of-a-kind hackathon: #CryptoPrediction in the spotlight
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  • Participate in a hackathon – ✅
  • Find the solution – ✅
  • Win prize money/attractive gifts – ✅

Sounds boring? Let’s make it interesting then. What if you get to work on a real-world crypto dataset that can impact financial markets? 

Gear up for an exciting and innovative hackathon coming your way. Rocket Capital, in association with MachineHack, brings a hackathon to source and incentivise the best in machine learning applications for finance. A key need of RCI is good financial market predictions to improve the accuracy of the ML models. RCI wants to capture skilled people who can predict solutions to complex problems that exist in the financial markets, in return for which it wants to reward the problem-solvers.


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This hackathon keeps getting interesting. The community competition gets 52,000,000 tokens, released weekly in the next 5 years, and up to 200,000 tokens and 500 USDT prize (the crypto equivalent of USD) weekly. 

Now, what are MUSA tokens exactly, you might ask. The MUSA token is the first token to be fully dedicated to the data scientist community.

Decentralised and public

Rocket Capital Investment (RCI) is a Licensed Financial Institution headquartered in Singapore with a Decentralised and Distributed Intelligence. Through this competition, data scientists & ML practitioners can now be rewarded weekly on the blockchain for their data science skills. This can also help them create a decentralised track record of their performance.

Rocket Capital Investment asks for weekly financial predictions. Every week RCI distributes a dataset; the participants send their predictions that are encrypted and stored in blockchain so that the predictions cannot be tampered with afterwards. At the end of the week, RCI decrypts predictions, compares forecast and market results, evaluates participants’ performance and pays rewards.

What is interesting is that all the process is managed in a decentralised way on the blockchain and is public. The blockchain complexity is hidden by a dApp used by the participants to send predictions and get rewards. RCI created the MUSA token needed to participate in the competition. The tokens are initially distributed to selected participants (airdrop) and MUSA tokens are expected to be publicly listed by the end of the year.  

Starting on June 13 and concluding on September 5, this hackathon is a perfect opportunity for analytics professionals to prove their mettle and showcase their technical know-how to solve challenging problems.

Show Rocket Capital how your data science & ML skills can give the team an extra edge. Register here.

You simply cannot afford to miss this opportunity. So sign up for this innovative hackathon and test your capabilities!

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