OpenAI Rival Anthropic Starts Claude Early Access

  Anthropic has released a waitlist for early access to its AI chatbot, Claude.
OpenAI-Anthropic Merger No More
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San-Francisco-based AI safety and research lab Anthropic has introduced a waitlist for early access to its AI assistant ‘Claude’, following Google’s recent investment in the company. 

Register for the waitlist here.

The investment—worth $300 million—gives Google a 10% stake in the company and can value Anthropic at approximately $5 billion. The collaboration between the two companies has been hinted at, as Anthropic announced in January that it had chosen Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider.

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Founded by former OpenAI sibling duo in 2021, Anthropic raised $580 million in Series B funding round led by Sam Bankman-Fried, former chief executive at FTX—and now a suspected fraudster—among others. 

‘Claude’ is a large language model assistant which is claimed to give tough competition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

The company is focused on understanding and developing safe AI systems, utilising a unique approach known as “constitutional AI”. 

With a goal of responsibly scaling AI technology, Anthropic is making progress in reverse engineering the behaviour of small language models and understanding the logic behind the pattern-matching behaviour in larger language models.

Shritama Saha
Shritama Saha is a technology journalist who is keen to learn about AI and analytics play. A graduate in mass communication, she is passionate to explore the influence of data science on fashion, drug development, films, and art.

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