Oracle Database Administration Certifications: What Are They And How To Prepare?

Oracle Database is a database management system and one of the most commonly used systems for running online transaction processing, data warehousing and mixed database workloads.

Database certifications from Oracle are in demand from employers. The certifications demonstrate that certain professionals are adept at managing Oracle databases. Oracle certification credential brings professional credibility and increased earning power for IT professionals.

So, if you are one of those people interested in managing Oracle Databases, then here are the certifications you can opt for. The whole process involves registering for the exam, preparing, and taking the exam provided by Oracle. As we are facing a global pandemic, the exams can be taken from home as well.

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Oracle Database Foundations Certified Junior Associate

The certification is for junior levels, which is targeted towards graduates or students who have studied computer science. To get this certification, one needs to pass Oracle Database Foundations (1Z0-006) exam. Candidates can refer to the Database Foundations preparatory course — a part of Oracle Academy for this. Oracle Database Foundations | 1Z0-006 is 150 minutes long exam that covers 75 multiple-choice questions. It costs ₹6634, as mentioned on Oracle’s website. 

The certification proves a person’s understanding of the various types of database models and components. While the exam does not need candidates to have experience with Oracle Database products, it needs a fundamental level of knowledge related to database models and techniques. One of the things that a learner can begin with is SQL. 

The certification holder is considered deeply versed with database components, concepts and design, SQL, and ERD modelling and programming languages to manage data and transactions. Some of the topics are Database Concepts, Relational Database Concepts, Gathering Requirements for Database Design, Types of Databases Models, Data Modelling, and others.

Preparation for 1Z0-006 includes finishing at least one of the many options among preparation courses from Oracle Academy training such as Database Foundations, Database Design and Programming with SQL, Oracle Database 12c Administration Workshop or Oracle Database Introduction to SQL.

Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional

Earlier, Oracle provided certifications in Associate (OCA) and Professional (OCP) levels, which changed to a single Oracle Database Administrator Certification. According to Oracle, the former two certifications were not two distinct disciplines, and OCA was not a complete skill set. With the new certification, the skills demonstrated through both Administration I and Administration II exams are needed to be an Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional.

The Oracle Database Administration Certified Professional proves that candidates have the capacity and comprehension to manage and upgrade Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server. It also means a certification holder can manage all aspects of multitenant container databases, pluggable databases and application containers. By acquiring the Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional credential, candidates prove their skills required to execute everyday admin tasks related to Oracle Database.

There are two exams to gain this certification Oracle Database Administration I | 1Z0-082 and Oracle Database Administration II | 1Z0-083. Both of the exams cost ₹10,475 each to take, as mentioned on Oracle’s website. 

Oracle Database Administration I 1Z0-082 is a 150 Minutes long exam with 90 questions in multiple-choice format, and the passing score is 60%. Passing the exam proves theoretical knowledge and the practical skills needed to configure and manage Oracle Databases up to Oracle 19c. Going through both Oracle preparation course and hands-on experience (attained via labs and/or field experience) gives the most ideal preparation for passing this exam. For 1Z0-082, candidates are asked to complete one of the many preparatory courses it provides. This includes Oracle Database: Administration Workshop, Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL and Oracle Database Administration Learning Subscription

Oracle Database Administration II | 1Z0-083: Passing this second exam— Oracle Database Administration II (1Z0-083) proves a candidate’s skills in installation, upgrades, patching, SQL, database, network administration, backup, and recovery. This person also proves fluency with some advanced skills such as multi-tenant, SQL performance monitoring and problem determination. 1Z0-083 contains 150 minutes long multiple-choice format with 85 questions. Here the minimum passing score is 57%. 

For 1Z0-083, Oracle recommends finishing one of the many preparatory courses it provides. This includes Managing Multitenant Architecture, Backup and Recovery Workshop Deploy, Patch and Upgrade Workshop Ed 1 Oracle Database: Administration Workshop, Oracle Database 19c: New Features for Administrators Ed 1 and Oracle Database Administration Learning Subscription

Finally, candidates who already hold database admin certifications need to upgrade from Oracle Database 10g, 11g, 12c, or 12c R2 OCP certification to the Oracle Database Administrator 2019 Certified Professional credential, and require passing Oracle Database Administration (1Z0-083). 

How To Prepare For The Courses Above?

The database is a separate field from other technology areas like AI or data science, and so candidates should decide whether their interest lies in database technologies such as SQL, and deep dive into topics from then on. Just like every field, it takes a long time to become an expert in an area of knowledge.or those who wish to enter the field and acquire Oracle certifications, it is important that they understand the syllabus and make a checklist of database-related they have knowledge on, and topics they would need to learn from scratch. As these certifications are based on specific roles and tasks related to database admin roles, the first step is to look at the fundamental concepts of the database and the various technologies. 

This study process will take a plethora of time and prep. It’s important for aspirants to buckle down for sharpening their database management skills. It, therefore, requires thorough planning and meticulous learning, both theoretical and practical. Our advice would be to allocate time every day in an ongoing schedule to cover the extensive course material.  

There are specified courses that candidates can register to train themselves the certifications directly from Oracle University, as well as from other online platforms like Udemy. You can take online courses as well as join other oracle certified training institutes that can provide one-on-one training to solve queries. Aspirants can read several blogs and books that are written on various database topics, which can help them prepare for the certifications. 

A deep dive into database technology topics can be made using course material, books, Oracle’s documentation and blog resources. Oracle has plenty of resources which learners can access to prepare for the exams, but the course material is difficult. Learners can have sought several resources. There are many social media channels and groups where people can learn and discuss various learning challenges and seek better knowledge gathering. 

Database administration is a hands-on job, the training can be intensive in addition to long hours of theoretical concepts on database architecture. You should learn how to manipulate data into multiple tables from different users in the entire database, or if you want to write some program to take out the data from multiple tables in a way which is requested by the client. 

Aspirants will be required to edit and maintain the database and one of the biggest skills is the expertise of SQL. The programming language is used for various things like system-level queries, control privileges and editing tables, and therefore the candidate must know how to use SQL extensively. While training, learners need to practise to form a deep understanding of backup and recovery of the database using SQL.

One effective way is to join a company junior database management after clearing the initial level certificate. This may serve as a good entry point and provide enough experience. For people that have gained experience as a junior database associate, the path opens up to the admin position, with practical knowledge as well. 

Vishal Chawla
Vishal Chawla is a senior tech journalist at Analytics India Magazine and writes about AI, data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and blockchain. Vishal also hosts AIM's video podcast called Simulated Reality- featuring tech leaders, AI experts, and innovative startups of India.

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