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Oracle Opens Second Cloud Region in Hyderabad

Oracle Opens Second Cloud Region in Hyderabad


Following the launch of its Mumbai Cloud region in 2019, Oracle has opened a second one in India, this time in Hyderabad. Responding to growing customer demand for enterprise cloud services in India, the company has provided users access to better performance, pricing and security with this development. 

According to a statement released by the company, this is woven around the company’s global plans to operate 36 second generation Cloud regions by the end of 2020. What is more, this launch propels India into the ranks of the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and the EU in having multiple Oracle Cloud regions that facilitate enterprise-class disaster recovery strategies.

“With Oracle opening dual cloud regions in Australia, Japan, Korea and now India, we are further renewing our commitment to support growth in the new decade,” says Garrett Ilg, Executive VP, Japan and Asia Pacific, Oracle.

This development comes as large and mid-size organisations across India use Oracle Cloud to run critical workloads, allowing them to leverage better, faster and more efficient services. In fact, some Indian customers are expecting about 3X performance improvements over the next 5 years with Oracle Cloud, ‘unlocking 40% additional cost savings.’

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“A large number of Indian organisations are looking to change growth orbits with greater focus on cloud-led innovation,” says Shailender Kumar, Regional MD, Oracle India. “With two Oracle Cloud regions in India, we’re fully geared to support our 15,000 plus customers in their innovation journey, with adequate support by nearly 1,000 specialized Oracle partners,” he adds.

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